Of Repeated Anthropomorphic Creation


This chapter concerns E.T.s creating life on new planets.  Since this topic relates to E.T.s and UFOs, and since the Raelian religion discusses these in the sense of them creating us, it is fair game for this chapter.  The Raelian religion is the largest UFO-based religion.  I will cover it deeply and widely.  If you don’t want to read it, just know that human perpetual survival chance increases greatly between when it has a lot of energies and when it creates interplanetary/interstellar civilization, so then they can worry about other things like going up more levels (e.g. planet sun milky way).  Also, if we don’t have interplanetary/interstellar civilization the chances of perpetual human survival are dim.  The Raelian main book is “Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers by Rael.”

Imagine the possibility that we were Alien-created: 

In the first billion years of earth, the atmosphere changed and there was an organic soup.  The most complex molecules formed, according to the Urey-Miller experiment, were riboses and sugars, but they were simple enough that they could have formed on other planets in the Milky Way as well.  Of course, no E.T. species would hang around for a billion years, but we know both the E.T. species and human species could be formed out of these building blocks since they ought to be able to be made on many planets.

Then in each dinosaur era, since we don’t measure the time ago of things that lived long ago, there could have been very quickly built dinosaur ecosystems.  We don’t date early dinosaurs except through genetics.

Once we get to the latest creation era, E.T. creators may have wanted to mystify themselves to humans, so they changed the clocks on dead things to match the genetic drift of their creations (I don’t think we can measure it for things too small like bacteria, so this would be reasonable).  Mystifying themselves would be good because if the people thought they were created they would be less scientific then if they thought they were independent until the time came.  It was a necessary confusion about creators.

In the fifth day of Genesis, the beasts described were prototype humans.  In the sixth day, humans were in the creator’s image… turns out that was 13,000 years ago in the Raelian book.  13,000 years ago, as was recently discovered, the first homo-sapiens emerged from hanging out with other human types like Neanderthals I think.

From Wikipedia, “the Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to arrive at an estimate of the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.[1][2] “  It is


N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible (i.e. which are on our current past light cone);


R* = the average rate of star formation in our galaxy

fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets

ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets

fl = the fraction of planets that could support life that actually develop life at some point

fi = the fraction of planets with life that actually go on to develop intelligent life (civilizations)

fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space

L = the length of time for which such civilizations release detectable signals into space[11][12]

Its estimated probability is not worth getting into because of huge disputations.

Also, as a word of caution, different things in different sizes can be somewhat alive.

There is a calculation that shows that if small parts of us could become alive or conscious they could travel through our systems a great many times before we die.  It uses Rael’s “assumption” that 1 second to us is 1000 years to someone in our foot.

Here is its summary: Suppose 1 second to a big person is a thousand years to someone in his foot.  If the big person is 1 m tall and has blood that travels 1 m/s there are 16,000,000,000 circulations of the small being.  Each chance it can it must output a spore to colonize life that spreads out into a 19-layer cube.  That is 23,000,000 recreations of 12,000 planets at a time, with 6000 years the time it takes between planets.


The following has to do with the colonization process of new planets. Matthew 13:3-9

3 And he spake many things unto them in parables, saying, Behold, a sower went forth to sow;

4 And when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up:

5 Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth:

6 And when the sun was up, they were scorched; and because they had no root, they withered away.

7 And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them:

8 But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.

9 Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

OK, let’s take that a sower went forth to sow. The ultimate thing you can sow is something like or better than yourself. But in Jesus’ days on earth, it meant converting people to the truth. Converting and creating people for your use or interest is similar. It is a parable, meaning it can only be understood by those who are trying, both in modern and ancient days, for Jesus' second coming has probably not occurred yet.

“By the way side” initially seems to mean they cultivated humans close by. But why then would birds be something they couldn’t protect the humans against and why then do other life forms not be a problem? If the wayside meant nearby outer space, I think satellites and spaceships could keep them in control and then would not need to devour them. But another planet would be more desirable of love since the sowers probably grew up on a planet themselves.

What would happen if the wayside meant cultivating humans on a nearby planet? Wayside could also symbolically mean close in ability in addition to proximity. If that were the case, the humans might be able to attack the aliens and gain independence. For instance, if they snuck one spaceship onto the alien planet and set off a planet-wide nuke, then waited for the radiation to settle, that would be all it would take to be independent! Advanced species may want to dominate with love, but I think they are as scared of dying or worse being tortured forever as any of us. They know what’s possible more than us and have more to lose.  Plus they may not want to be taken over when they feel they are more responsible cosmically.

So “the birds” means spacecraft from the nearby planet, the wayside means the planet, and the birds ate up the planet because it was simply too close, physically and in capability, because of fear.

Let’s do 5 and 6. Stony places means there was not much there to help them settle.

I like the definition of earth as “Lair of a burrowing body.” (you can use any definition and even stretch it in the Intelligent Design book but if you act responsibly you can’t change a letter and it must read through). They had rocks and not much caves then. No deepness of earth could mean that there were no caves too, and then springing right up could mean that they did not have a chance to develop because they had this immediate problem all the time. It is important to develop to get your minds and behaviors right.

The sun scorching them meant that they did not have enough support to grow and live. It could mean that their behavior and minds got screwed up ("noxious"); the two things you need to survive.

Now let’s do 7.  It means there was already too much overrunning primitive life to support progressive life, in the book’s case plant life.

However I would like to discuss the specifics of this sewing place. For instance, is it really possible to have a planet of only plants survive to this day, it being perhaps approximately 27,000-29,000 years ago when the plants were planted (vs. 7)? It was a humid planet. I think the water would feed plant growth everywhere and it takes several more years to cut off the CO2.

So what do we get from 4-7: three problems with interplanetary colonization – the race being unsafe to the creators, the place being unsuitable to the created, and the possibility of continuing advancement into more and more advanced life getting stifled. Please note that although Raelians take this to be true, it is also amazingly accurate at cataloging all possible things that could go wrong.

8-9 are about how far the human race can get before it meets with opposition, perhaps from itself.

So that's a problem with the creators, a problem surviving, a problem advancing, and finally one of handling its own power. How logical.

This is also why we selected 6000 years to colonize a planet in the previous part of this chapter.  That covers sunlight and plants with 2000 years to a day in Genesis 1 creation.

If extra-terrestrials created us like an always repeating loop in parts of the Universe, why not simply make us like them, enjoy everything, and be ready for space travel?   They want to share technology but don’t see fit yet.  We had to genuinely feel connected, both individually and as a group, which went from cave paintings to now the Internet.  If they upgrade us all the time humans may be able to see through the cracks and imperfections and go too far.  Also they loved us so they wanted us to have a history like them.  We love better and so you can only upgrade to the point your race has reached.  We and they probably both would want us to be ready thoroughly.  There is also the yin-yang, with bad in every good and good in every bad.  If we get rid of violence, we don’t have some assertiveness and creativity.  We should not try to remove the dots from the yin-yang but manage the drops.

If you think God does this, then perhaps God is similar to Aliens. 

Even with Aliens creating Aliens all the time, like with government it can be the responsibility of the people to survive.  We can look at the Bible.  We can use my commentary from the Raelians.  This is a summary of their story, as found in the book mentioned up top.

Genesis 1:26-

The violence in the world is really just us.  We are to blame.  Wisdom must catch up to technology, or we can’t make it, not with more E.T. help that they would be willing to grant if they are good, and not with less E.T. intervention if they are bad.

As per slaves in ancient times, Genesis 1:24 describes cattle, creeping things, and beasts.  These beasts were somewhere along the ape-human line.  I haven’t finished the Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond, but my hope is that these slaves weren’t along the consciousness or intelligence lines enough to suffer too much.

When we were created our planet had less gravity so we could be taller.  That’s why say, on the Sistine Chapel, the angel/cherubims look like kids (they are smaller than us but not kids).  So we had more brain capacity and in Genesis 1:26 they made us smarter than themselves.  Image could mean greater.  The creators loved this, but those on their home planet worried. 

Then there was the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, or science in the French Bible (Genesis 2:17). We became too powerful so they tried to wipe us out with the flood.  Yes, I know Jeremiah Sitchin says that happened naturally and the ark was a submarine.  After wiping us out and learning of Noah, they those on the home planet decided they just wanted to control us, because man wants to be scientific (Genesis 8:21). Later they would start an experiment where they would have prophets hint at things to carry proof of themselves later on and help us safely but slowly progress.  It’s like an insect; at  each level of technology you grow it in before you can progress, and that is the only way you can survive.

After the flood, there was almost no violence perpetrated by E.T.s. They just wanted to gradually let us grow until we loved them and ourselves.  Yes, at the beginning of Exodus, they freed the Hebrews from Pharaoh.  They had to.  The Hebrews were to live together since they were the smartest and therefore the most valuable to keep around.  At the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:9) Jews were too aggressive and at Sodom and Gomorrah got nuked (Genesis 19:24,26,28) but everyone in the cities were warned to flee and flee quickly (Genesis 19:12,13,17). In Jericho the Israelites didn’t know what they were doing, I think. In subsequent wars, the defenders could flee.  For instance, when it rained down stuff from the sky in Joshua 10, the defenders could look up and avoid it, I think, or that’s my interpretation of what to glean from it. In the last war, I think they could have simply ran away.  This war is also in Joshua 10. The Jews had to be protected. There was also colonization, or getting sacrifices of some things, but it was in return for protection. But eventually, Yahweh laid off of humanity.

The beast in Revelations 13:8 is nuclear power for murderous purposes. It is the number of man, 666 generations from the first man, when man finally had his life in his own hands.  Revelations 16:8,20 and 21 confirm this. In the Book of Revelations all the problems are caused by our own humanity!

Diseases, I guess, were either not in the creators’ control, or they helped us gain technology and love in order to fight them.

Buddhism suggests that as a society, we climb but sometimes fall down and we need to climb again or stay up there.

The violence in the world, then, is really just us.  We are to blame.  Wisdom must catch up to technology, or we can’t make it, not with more E.T. help that they would be willing to grant, and not with less E.T. intervention.  Religions also can reveal technology in their text texture.

A highly advanced center in the galaxy, could reproduce, delete, modify and transfer or copy people everywhere; the afterlife is just a small part of the equation.  With the afterlife, people might be stuck being moral because of themselves.  People could dissolve into different pieces and the game could pick up from there.

All behavior modification is on the table for E.T.s to use against humans, for instance from the Wikipedia site on the subject,

Vice and corruption lead to decay of a society.  When someone is addicted or allowing destruction they are harder to be led in the right direction.  Instructions will not always be of maximum benevolence because it is known that good instructions will be neglected to the further abuse of the participant.

On the other hand great sacrifice to do what’s right can often be rewarded by increasing’s ones knowledge and controlling things for him/her.  When one puts their life on the line as much as possible, then withstands accusations that they are following blindly or wrongly, they may be permanently exposed to the truth.  Then they can be announced a knower, come to understand things, experience fantastic things, experience higher things, and be forever rewarded.


There is an argument of mine for why we are in danger since we’re not in the future.   Suppose the human race were just a million years old.  If it were to succeed it could likely live a billion more.  Yet we are at a huge but early stage of acceleration without being that far along.  If we were to pull out a ruler that measured time and looked at where we landed randomly on the ruler as a species, it is much more likely that we’d be much further along.  That means we are probably in danger with other humanities that try to reach the point of safety.  It is not likely we are so far behind unless we are about to be in danger.

We can say that the chances of destroying itself diminish from a very high number to zero as soon as a humanity reaches interplanetary or interstellar civilization.

You have to account for how you will handle the bigger being you are a part of too.  So much control over so much space in so little time can mean huge problems if we start interfering with a bigger object we are inside of and it goes after us, perhaps we should seek how to go about communicating with it as we know things.


Life-filled solar systems are much more likely with the ability to move planets.  Then it is a good probability that E.T.s had this technology. That could be the reason for Bode’s Law.

How to make a game out of it

In the game, calculators can stand ready to help with massive calculations.  Suns and humans share in complementary calculating duties.  A human race can found a planet that is empty or has life on it, and an alien race can invade us, create us or come in peace making for an easy, laid back, fun game. 

A calculator is available to estimate research times in the game.

The game/gamer can decide how much on alien side vs human side in different aspects someone will be.

This chapter gives further guidelines into how to regulate the game once a player interacts with another planet, and when they are getting close. They can detect life and how to create life and how to hide themselves.  What is the best way to control life?  From the parable they can see challenges to overcome.  All this information helps the game at the stage of planetary travel or pre-planetary travel.

More information about alien/human interaction is in the last section of this chapter.

Interplanetary spread confronts a possible larger life form they are part of. Do this like Psychological Chemistry.  Make it so there are a great many obstacles to survival for everyone when they are highly advanced, depending on game difficulty.   Let Aliens be present.  If interplanetary civilization is successful, the chances of the race getting destroyed go way down so they can focus on other things; see “There is an argument” just above.

May life be guided well.

Can I please show you something?

We have shown in Quantum Mechanics and Atoms that we can use Quantum Mechanics for these objects too with respect to the larger.  Therefore they may try to be a thorn in the side of a larger entity if it exists. Let us cover that.

We will call them the big guy and little guy.  They both want information about each other as the little guy tries to take over or the big guy or the big guy detects a problem with the little guy it wants to destroy.  There is information, security in where it is, control, the narrow hinge of control being well-placed.  Control is interesting.  If there is a stream they can flow on traveling through the big guy (we will cover this in Repeated Anthropomorphic Creation), and they can send out packages to colonize the pieces that it flows by, they might have a lot of luck.  With intelligence they can make this activity highly resilient from attack and very able to circumvent problems.  Now security and information are interesting to not get wiped out.  To do that you compete over abstraction.  If you can think more abstractly on your side than the great being, it will not detect your thoughts.  By writing a book that guides the process everywhere, that book spreads out and wins the stop and go contest.  Not all sizes are equal.  The smaller has a hard time managing the big guy and the bigger can be observed by the big guy more easily.

How about wave-particle duality and quantum entanglement?  They could help with taking over the big guy and with solar system astronomy.  Particles that relate their status in the big guy can send information to each of them, along with interplanetary travel/wave-sending (remember only two particles can combine), and then they can each fight to make that book before it’s too late.  There’s a more lenient time limit since the book must be purged from everywhere.

How do wave-particle duality and quantum entanglement work with astronomy?  They can try to be used to keep the player’s solar system parts in communication and having the ability to recombine if need be.  It is very serious because if they have been entrusted with a great deal of information (or energy, technology) it could be deadly in the wrong hands.  If they don’t have much information (or energy, technology) and are desperate, do they want to jeopardize the bigger picture for personal gratification?

What about as far as us and the E.T.s are concerned?

Either group could reach or create the other.

If they reached us (we were not created by them) we would be in their hands, unless some primitive race was given power to visit us.  If they created us, we would want to work with them like so many other parts of love in this book.  See “If Extra-terrestrials created us” in this chapter.  Also, we would come to gradually develop like in “The violence in the world.”

If we reached other life on another planet, it depends on if they are primitive, equal, or advanced compared to us.  If they were primitive, there are the possibilities of enslaving, killing, or helping them.  Some other civilization might come along and get back at us.  We could also love them.  If equal, we could work together.  If they were advanced, we run into the same problems as in this chapter.  Hopefully we would help them and follow the guidelines in the last paragraph with them.

Hopefully, we could get a breather after interplanetary/interstellar civilization stops the chance of us wiping ourselves out.  That’s up to the game difficulty and programmer for what science and technology we could develop.

These things, though brief, can make up a large block of the game.

The sections of this chapter guide all the aspects of repeated anthropomorphic recreation in a video game.