Again out of my book “Flatland Turned on Out” by Eric Eliason


Time is something that only applies to living things.  An inanimate object cannot experience time or “be.”  When a living thing experiences time, it is unearthing memory or visualizing the future.  Both of these things, later on in this book, we will show can exist at an instant.  In fact an entire life, possibly even a very long one, could be nothing more than reverberations.


For example, in space objects that are almost the same can be like one is experiencing the other.  Systems can represent that one thing is happening to another.  It is just a paradigm shift to space where the total life cycle of an object is represented, sometimes in subsets which have unique parts that only experience each other part way.

The number of objects times their thoughts is in ratio.  In other words if there are ni objects with mi thoughts and mi objects with mj thoughts ni*mi : nj*mj.

This is more than just a technicality.  There are equations that can be solved better this way.  Take gravity for instance.  With known positions and masses, Newton couldn’t solve for velocity and acceleration for more than just 2 bodies.  However, we can solve for any unknown with two bodies if time is removed (in other words the objects must sit there).  In three bodies we can too, including a missing coordinate.  In any number of dimensions, by setting all the values of that coordinate except one we can solve for that one, solving the three body problem.  It is a quartic equation.  In fact, the four body problem is a 6-degree equation.  I am very confident the five body problem can be solved too and perhaps it can just keep going up!

The mystical problems seem to flee when you remove time from the equation.