10/22/14 – Welcome to #raelish2, the long-version of my website about the verses in the book “Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers” by Rael. Something you should know about me is that I start off weak in things, even for several years, but I usually end up awesome at everything I put my mind to.

Like I said it is not official or in the Raelian structure. Despite my limitations, which are receding, I take advantage of the fact that I can suggest some things too wild for other people/Raelians.

As promised, anyone's philosophy/Raelogy can be posted here. Kenneth Jenkin's philosophy believes the earth moves about in a Helix. This DNA Helix makes up "God." He wants to know if you have any questions or comments. You can send them to me.

David S.' philosophy is that happiness is the mental state of Heaven and anger the mental state of hell.

It is not official or in the Raelian structure. Despite my limitations, I take advantage of the fact that I can suggest some things too wild for other people/Raelians.

The structure I have here is a for advanced concepts, e for experiments, I for inventory, and o for order. I am splitting up between this and verse by verse until I decide which I would like. I am taking out utility for awhile.


Even with the big bang as an atom-sized event, since there are infinitesimally small objects at it, their time-span is as large as wanted, and it is like the beginning was as long ago as wanted.


It was a perpetual chain of creation, like I've heard it suggests in the Koran.

There is my theory; Consciousness may evolve at a lower or higher state in the Universe. Too low; it falls apart or is killed to easily. Too high; the required space and time for the evolution is so great that it requires a lot of space to find it.

Also, if a species evolves on one star system and ends there, it's not comparatively as likely to be located as one who travels. Hence, a conscious species that can star travel is just about the right place to find consciousness.

Let's say for instance a lizard hasn't developed a tail that detaches when caught and that grows back. If that lizard has a higher consciousness, the time thinking will just be a waste and besides the extra brain material will be dead weight, slowing it down, so you will not see it as much. If it has to develop wings before more consciousness, this will be so rare that likewise you will not see it as much.

Humans need limbs, heart, brain, machinery... The same goes for humans and their technology but there's one major breakthrough. If the humans can star travel they will be seen much more. Barely able to do it is where we would expect to see ourselves. See my link of
Matthew 13:32.  Unfortunately these calculations are not correct.

Why not say we just evolved on our own and there are no extra-terrestrials? Because even if there were a 1% chance (or more) we’d live a billion years and the rest of the chances were small time, laying them out and taking a gamble means we should probably be in that billion year segment very advanced (and if we were likely to live only a short while why the big long human history?).

Extra-terrestrials or possibly a gigantic being we are part of must be challenging that! Extra-terrestrials should be our focus for the amount of measuring we can do.

If aliens kept spreading out, isn’t it more likely we’d be found in the center, happily knowing all there is to know about space travel and loving our creators?

Why do we not know space travel since we are more likely on a central and not fringe planet The information might be locked up for us to develop peacefully. Maybe they just made those on the insides forget so they wouldn’t have to worry about each other, and we are like that. What I think is most likely is that there is a danger from something else that aliens have had to face, and they aren’t prolific.

Raelish advanced concepts - a

Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:2

Genesis 1:4

Genesis 1:5

Genesis 1:7 - has to do with delving into dark matter. Could dark matter be matter hiding from us? Combine with Genesis 1:14 – a.

Dark matter is what we cannot see but know is there. Could it be that this is the more intelligent light and we are the alone darkness, with the UFOs in the balance. That would make sense with Genesis 1:4 and 1:5 since first you test whether you can make a foundation out of growing what you know and then you seek the unknown that affects it.

Genesis 1:9 – In the order section of Genesis 1:9, we ask what can be learned according to known Physics. A more advanced concept could be, what about discovering new physics, even particles that burst. (Isaiah 26:20)

The dry land appearing in our little schema is the result of the dark attempting to learn from the light and the light rewarding the dark for trying to organize its growth. Note that again here, like Genesis 1:7, the light is the dark matter and the darkest is us.

Genesis 1:11 – In evolution vs. Intelligent Design (by extra-terrestrials), evolution requires life to exist, modify its own parts, not have an ecology that breaks down, and life has to develop everywhere. In intelligent Design on the other hand, life can be created all over with interchangeable parts to specifications designed to keep up an ecology and the earth can be nuked to start over if necessary (explaining the young earth vs. old earth debate since nukes mess with atomic decay clocks).

Genesis 1:14

Genesis 1:20 – Showing humans art allows them to imagine things. Imagining before learning scientific knowledge and programming is a good order to get them to love the creators when the creators wanted to give them control.

Genesis 1:24 – These established ecology, and we can understand the long time period of animals by the fact there could have been nukes of the earth several times to start the clock back at zero again when it comes to life

Genesis 1-26

Genesis 2:16-17 – The tree of science is about “God”, “God” being the primary objective – the set of instructions starting as early as possible to cover as many cases as possible. The “God” of something means with respect to that focus.

Note: This is “God” in the Book of Mormon. “God” in the Bible means “Those who came from the sky”.

Genesis 2:19 – I can’t help but imagine that if the created were learning animal naming they must have understood some aspects of programming. Trying to write in a shorthand and understanding the limitations of trying to write without finite limitations must have hit them. Ramanujan was a mathematician who’s god, he said, helped him. He had a formula for pi that added 6 digits every term. That’s amazing. Perhaps a god really did help him. The formula has three large numbers in it.

Genesis 3:1-5 – Sooner or later, things greater than extra-terrestrials must either exist forever or exist for never. All possible ways to create them would have to be stopped for them to exist for ever. If they exist forever, probability dictates that sooner or later the humans must take over!

Genesis 3:7 – Humans saw that very heavy forces were ahead of them intellectually, but not necessarily in their favor. That is a misstep in Raelian meditation, probably understandable for causing anger.

Genesis 3:14- For doing this, the Elohim at home in heaven had to exile those on earth for their obvious intent to boost humans very high (no reason to make humans ticked off). This showed to everyone that this is not something wise to try to just do.

Genesis 3:21 –Scientific reason might not be enough to save you if you are too unprepared starting out. Notice that coats of skins could allow them to appear like different animals they were approaching, to help gain a better hand. It could also be so that some other being observing earth didn’t realize they were humans on it.

Genesis 3:22 – The tree of life is the “God” of life, the ability to start the primary objective – the set of instructions starting as early as possible to cover as many cases as possible, in establishing as strong of a case for surviving life as possible. If humans could have both, they would obviously be like “God, and if they could at the root of the tree of life, they could take over.

Q: I thought they were made in “God’s image?”
A: Yes, but what parts were made in that image, and were some parts better, and could they take over the extra-terrestrials with those parts if not secured properly?

Genesis 3:24 – So it was impossible in every way

Raelish – e Experiments

This file shows that, in addition to Intelligent Design depicting extra-terrestrial history, the Bible verses in Intelligent Design may also show an experiment with which to look at anything.

Genesis 1:7 – They wanted to study the ocean, kind of like studying fluids in a more complex body.

Genesis 1:9 – Holes were made in a circle out of the crust with nuclear bombs right? (that’s what the website says or said once). A surface is a unique place

because then there is light showing transportation. What is the best way to approach the unknown, both by examining it and preparing for it to greet you?

Genesis 1:11-after the sun problem from the parable of the sower is addressed, the next is to experiment with plant life capacity.

Genesis 1:14 – As the seasons turned, problems could occur, and potential was ready for elaborate botany. If a tree caught lightning, and it spread through a rainless summer, what then for instance?

Genesis 1:20 – Each level created control, the one after the other, just like ultimate control would be expected from a long-enough evolved species. You can think of there being a tree that sprouts forth everything in order and frequency of what is needed. The tree has become perfect through constant testing and refining. This level is artistic.

Genesis 1:24 – Same thing.

Genesis 2:16-17 This would give them the ability to test and gradually work on Genesis 1:20’s tree. Then there’d be war, because the humans are more powerful.

Genesis 2:19 – This made both the rebel and human sides happy. By exciting humans, it was maybe I guess hoped they could cooperate with the extra-terrestrials, seeing the wonderful animals they might have made for them. See.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:1 and 5 apply to this verse too.

Genesis 3:1-5 It was an uprising against the other planets, since humans were superior. It is true of course, since the ability to plan is superior than automation, but of course that’s only as far as good decisions are made, the twisted metal coin.

Genesis 3:7 – Why was the decision made to give them knowledge? See last verse.

Genesis 3:14 – This is the first retaliation. Prepare for more.

Genesis 3:21 – This story seems over. The humans wouldn’t have anything to take over anything with. Were the creators smart enough from the beginning to plan on giving these humans animal skins – animal skins that could help them blend into the animals for survival skills.

Genesis 3:22 – However, if humans could live for a long time, they would progress through scientific observation.

Genesis 3:24 – So naturally this was blocked. You keep the tools safe next.


Raelish Inventory

Genesis 1:7 – When ready to go into unknown vulnerably, it must be done.

Genesis 1:9 – expose building material.

Genesis 1:11 –

Create life force.

Genesis 1:20 – Art will inspire the living guests the most, then science, then programming.

See Genesis 2:16-17, 19

Genesis 1:24 – Develop control over land in many ways, trying to shut out anything that wants to show itself more and more.

Genesis 2:16-17 – The extra-terrestrials wanted them to not have scientific knowledge, perhaps because they weren’t experienced enough to know how a mutation might affect their mind.

Genesis 2:19 – Naming animals is a way to improve creator likability.

Genesis 3:1-5 – The truth is out there – you won’t surely die if you make right decisions, it’s just that those decisions are very hard to make against a species that’s been evolved so long.

Genesis 3:7 – Humans found themselves out of control. Genesis 3:14 – The creators were cursed, consolidating the extra-terrestrials on Heaven’s feelings.

Genesis 3:21 – Basic survival methods were given since science wasn’t helpful enough immediately.

Genesis 3:22 – They had science but could not live forever or they would be rivals.

Genesis 3:24 – The source of life was blocked from being human – there had to be nothing they could do to get there.


Raelish Order

This file shows that, in addition to Intelligent Design depicting extra-terrestrial history, the Bible verses in Intelligent Design are in a logical order

Genesis 1:7 - Entering and exploring is the next step, because life may be hidden that can control you.


You can use one of Stan Tenen’s nines:

Unity, break open, inner action, division, connecting,, multiplying, outer action, surrounding, and wholeness. The other nine are wholeness, forming a goal, caused action, tracing outlines, turning, throwing off centers, causing action, realizing a goal, and unity.

Seasons must be built through.

Noah’s ark to be about hiding information.

Note that I didn’t even have to re-write this. We study physics in what we know (the physical creation ready to use) and what we don’t (the darker and darker matter).

Genesis 1:11 – Creating an abundant, spread out energy source from the sun without it overrunning thing is the next thing before other life can be created.

Genesis 1:20 - That works first because it motivates sociology. It is more control.

Genesis 1:24 - It goes more into control over the systems, yet pre-conscious.

Genesis 2:16-17 - Is this to see what happens once different things of different powers advance?

Genesis 2:19 - Before you are allowed to let prisoner people advance, you can test them.

Genesis 3:1-5 - First they appealed to the humans to let them want what they were giving them.

Genesis 3:7 - Then the next step is to put humans in the fray of it.

Genesis 3:14 - So they punished the leader with exile, the greatest punishment without taking a life or torture. (See deresponsibilisation)

Genesis 3:21 - The participants, who had become angry, were next stopped in their tracks. We have, in order, humans adapt to freer thinking, the creators try to establish them (they would receive no harm), and then the government stops it, these three groups in order of power, not ability.

Genesis 3:24 – Stopping the case of taking over would permit humans to advance without worry.

The Flood

The flood shows how to compactly store information and move different events around with respect to each other. Animals could have been found by looking at densities, sizes, DNA progressions, and food chain positions


Gen 4:3-4 – In today’s society, if everyone were able to eat from a farm who was hungry, all the farms would be overrun and we would die. That could be the offering! Likewise, if we all we ate was meat, we would overcome the land with pollution. Sacrificing fruit of the ground and firstlings of the flocks was not only a mental disclosure, and also not even just a suggestion that they came up with properties of fruits and animals to help the creators have “robot animals and computer fruit”, but actually a willingness to make it so that the human race couldn’t get out of increasing hunger pains! They didn’t know about cloning things back to life, so it was certainly a great sacrifice! In the process of time, conscious people will not always overcome, but sometimes they will have to make their possibilities worse to survive! And notice that Cain even killed Abel to seal the deal that humans would have to kill each other.

Also, an offering could mean a genetically engineered life set and "offering" was similar to the word "price."

For Abel, the sacrifice was to make animals popular, so when the farms were overrun the animals would all die and it would pack even more of a whallop! Notice that extra-terrestrials could get their own food if necessary.

See also bone story in Ezekiel and Exodus story of delivering the Israelites out of Egypt.

Gen 6:1-2 – fair can be a lot of things – fair about minimizing deaths, or letting it run out of control, or managing it. Fair about the way things work as described in Genesis.

I think fair does not mean pretty, because extra-terrestrials can overcome this I think.

Perhaps fair means smart, or that they recognized extra-terrestrials as superior in the right ways and wanted to be fair in marrying them, or that they were true to their extra-terrestrial husbands and genuinely cooperated with them.

This was in the process of multiplication of men, meaning having a spare kid when nature could afford it; friction between people. The extra-terrestrials just took the daughters for themselves, and apparently the women were “fairer” then the men.

The advanced concept is that there can be a real marriage even with someone differing from you. The creators must have figured out they had proper respect for everyone.

Gen 6:3 – For what reason did the women being flesh stop the heavenly government from letting them progress? Apparently a statistically huge progress went underway to determine which women loved the El-him and which women faked it because it was smart and which women would break it if they had a chance, etc… The outcome of the actuarial problem was probably to let them live to 120 years.

With 6:3 and 6:4 – how fair the woman were to the earth creators and the heavenly people were different measures. There must have been skill in hiding things in the human’s own brains, making it even more interesting.

Gen 6:4 – I think this means mighty legends. You have the full possibility of creating anything through eons of evolution and any type of thinking and reasoning. How exciting, but how dangerous.

Gen 6:5 – If they wanted to get ultimate control, they would have to fight for it through a much more careful game.

Gen 7:17 - How is this for an advanced concept, it was lift instead of it was lifted means it went up on its own, and the OR states high above the ground! Also, it is interesting that the first UFO from after the creation was the human’s own – and we can trace it back to the end of the ice age. There will be more and more signs of extra-terrestrial intervention in an ever more relevant state-relevant to the fact that they are ahead of us, whenever we understand that they are not G-d, for that is also important. G-d could cloud anything; no UFOs could too.

Gen 7:24 – 40 days of rain, 150 days of water. 40 days, according to a book I read in college, is how long it takes before a permanent memory can be formed within the fetus. Six weeks is the maximum it takes for a woman to know that she’s pregnant. Add 150 to 40 and we get 190. About 26 weeks, it turns out, is how long it takes for the fetus to feel pain, and 190 would be for those who could tell at the end if it happened or not (8 days off an approximation).

Gen 6:16 –

A modern orbiter has three compartments if manned and only two if unmanned. “The forward fuselage houses the cockpit and crew cabin and crew work areas. The mid-fuselage area consists of the payload bay and the wing and main landing gear attach points. The aft fuselage houses the main engines, the orbital maneuvering system (OMS), the reaction control system (RCS) pods, the wing aft spar, and the attach point for the vertical tail. The latter two are crucial. The third story is only for having the family of Noah and whoever else was in the ark survive instead of just being cloned as babies or fifteen year old and being trained. This has to do with the competition between Lucifer and Yahweh and what they thought would be best in the future for themselves.

Gen 8:1 – Nukes came from the sun to cause the flood, and the vacuum in the air after the waters abated caused trade winds and they dispersed the radioactivity.

Please note that pg. 280, “interplanetary civilization,” is not quite met.

The words remember and dismember have to do with the brain as well as one of these beings like the galaxy, sun, or earth selecting inputting dismembering analyzing outputting forming. The orbiter was manned as we so these weren’t recreated but genuinely allowed to stay until in the new earth.

What happened to the creators? The answer lies in the same verse. “Elohim” in this case, those who came from the sky, can mean the reconfigure of the sun or galaxy, but it already means the creators, so since they “did this” we expect they were still around. But why couldn’t it have been done before they died?

Because for a living thing, the word “remember” is defined only when that thing is alive.

Notice something important about the abortion verses (40 days/40+150 days).

Up to 40 days they would have to remember all the noise and so on of the dying. It must have been very gruesome for them to even want to survive (those on the ark). They decided to remember just as a baby can then remember something new. After 150 the waters subsided slightly – the pain mark in child birthing. From this point on, they would have to repopulate the earth and not only that but be responsible for doing it right. They may have started with each other at the 150 day mark.

Genesis 8:20 – What’s the point of separating the animals long enough to multiply and survive, even with sacrificing one of a kind on an altar?

Well, I finally found the answer to the verses Genesis 7:17-18 by translating from Hebrew. Here is the Google translation of the current Hebrew Genesis 7:17-18:

And the flood was forty days upon the earth, and multiply the water and carry the ark and donated over the country. And the waters prevailed and increased greatly upon the earth and the ark went upon the waters.

Apparently it spread little apparatuses with eggs and sperm where they belonged onto the ocean and let them turn into animals when they touched earth and there was enough ground. We have to see if this technology is available. Then if so, all the animals could be sacrificed on an altar by growing them all and dropping the babies on the altar. Also, either the ark flew to drop things off over a far area, or less likely the apparatuses had motors on them.

Genesis 10:32


Gen 4:3-4 – In process of time means that this happens a lot; a more intelligent life form develops and tries are made to use it to take over nearby space. First, in this verse the humans could be measured in the sacrificial process to see if they were friendly. They also lived long because they could be trusted, so that they could figure something out. This was the first measurement, so to make.

In Gen 6:1-2 an interesting word is fair. If the daughters of man were fair, they could judge things accurately, a useful skill for getting them to control other civilizations, while just going through testing.

Gen 6:3 - Their lives were shortened because of this; the people on the other planet were not stupid.

Gen 6:4 - So they had kids on this planet, even more of a danger because of the closeness of the relation.

Gen 6:5 - The books explanation of Gen 6:5 is a good one.

Genesis 7:17 - A note on Noah’s Ark – lifted up above the earth is a much longer string of text than lifted up upon the water (and also floated in the water), and it doesn’t make sense to be verbose for no reason – that is not what people expect from the Torah. Also, it doesn’t mention water as expected since that is what people used to think the subject matter was. It is a duplicate phrase, a longer phrase, it could easily mean “lift up” higher once above the earth, and water is not mentioned. Plus events are precise and in order in the Torah. As soon as the ark is born up, it is already lifted above the earth, you cannot say one after the other. Lastly, the ark could have lifted up into space once already on the water. There is not supposed to be proof. Even still, reading it as a read through of the chapter makes it make sense, and the chapters perfect.

OK, really lastly, the first few waves would probably come in sequence, but it doesn’t say the water bore up the ark. Furthermore, the footnote in the KJV says high above the earth.

Genesis 7:24 and 8:1 - So, when they needed to get rid of the toxicity (Noah survived because he only wanted to be scientific), they let the water condense, creating a humongous vacuum in the sky, causing huge circles of wind, eliminating the nuclear fallout. The spaceship might have been close to in orbit to save on rocket fuel.

Genesis 6:16 – A modern rocket ship has three compartments.

Genesis 8:20 and 21 and Genesis 10:32 – If the humans and animals were spread out, but making sacrifices, it should be well and good, probably thought everyone.


Gen 4:3-4 - Minds were read to use caution and let humans expand.

Gen 6:1-2 - The last step in using humans was to mate with them, gaining the humans trust and giving the humans their scientific problems. Getting women was the start.

Gen 6:3 – To counterbalance this, lives were shorter.

Gen 6:4 – Then the actual mating.

Gen 6:5 – Then the people of the government of Heaven weren’t bluffing.

Gen 7:17 – Somehow life was protected by hiding it.

Gen 7:24 – The container could withstand long rain

Gen 6:16 – The container was sealed.

Gen 8:1 – The container survived by waiting for its protectors.

Gen 8:20 – The created showed thanks in the hopes they could expand again.

Gen 8:21 – Apparently humans wouldn’t be worthwhile if they didn’t want to be advanced in science.

Gen 10:32 – The continuation of different species acting in their own regions was continued, but this time they were acting more on their own to stop each other, making them more vulnerable to violence, which the creators wouldn’t like. However, they could be motivated to reach a more fulfilling state through competition also.


Gen 4:3-4 - To keep humans at least alive, monitoring their love towards them was necessary to the creators, and thoughts could be measured while a sacrifice was being made. Humans, in this way, could live longer.

Gen 1:2 - Then they wanted to marry them. This is obviously to have bright children who could help them when the fight.

Gen 6:3 – Naturally, life was shortened.

6:4 – So they had kids on this planet, even more of a danger because of the closeness of the relation.

Gen 6:5 - Now we have brinkmanship; the levels were all maximized against the heavenly government. It was time for the ark, and the purpose of the ark was to hide as large a potential as you can get in as small and as safe an area as possible.

Gen 7:17 Air would be a better hiding place and an escape from nukes. The water, I guess, would have radiation.

Gen 7:24 and 8:1 - The creators probably knew that the radiation would disperse.

Gen 6:16 ­- A sign that the author could have known about modern rockets.

Gen 8:20 and 21 and gen 10:32 - Fortunately, by choosing the best humans, all that was wrong was that humans wanted science, with their affection measured, and split up into the creation teams, which was a deal the creators could make with the government. By adding slow science, probably, they could both get out their own science by experimenting on the humans about each scientific discovery they made.

The Tower of Babel:

The Tower of Babel shows life in a hurry to develop and how to destroy a project in its entirety.

Nothing would be held back from them means they would be in highest jeopardy, for all they imagined was all they had demonstrated proper action towards. So then speech was changed for almost everyone; since it says thence we go back to the Genesis 10:32 link after Genesis 2:19 and treat everything as for an individual instead of a group. the word scatter is quite appropriate. A scatter graph is the only one that shows correlation - to test if they were conscious and hence a danger.

After that individual operation, humans wouldn't be able to regulate systems through speech or know what they wanted (I can show this). Ironically, whereas nothing was restrained from [attacking] them, now they were safe, just stupid. That doesn't mean they couldn't learn though.


Genesis 11:6 – They knew our negative thoughts, for those of us who’ve had them. How much could humans put on a show in Kolob to be granted everything? Why did the creators not want that? Surely there is a balance here.

Genesis 11:7-8 To stop a rocket ship, it was necessary to do 3 things: get rid of it, get rid of collaboration, and get rid of the technological information to get back later. The rocket ship it doesn’t say was an attempt to take over yet again, but the angry humans in Sodom and Gomorrah showed this emotion themselves.


Genesis 11:6 – A P.R. campaign was attempted.

Genesis 11:7-8 – It was wrecked.


Genesis 11:6 - The humans were living in compliance and wanted heaven’s technology, but heaven wanted to experiment on them one experiment at a time, one of the human’s experiment and one of their own experiment’s at a time.

Genesis 11:7-8 - From here we see how to stop a technology for good.

Sodom and Gomorrah

Sodom and Gommorrah shows the punishment when raw anger for not being able to do this is exposed..

Sodom means vice and corruption, what happens from trying to fight back against Elohim. Two angels is perhaps so they could witness each other after. The angels came at even/evening, either even of the vice and corruption, or when vice and corruption equaled out right, or right when night starts and there is the most vice and corruption. The atomic weapon didn't torture or kill, it just showed them their power. Then they could warn them to leave, just like in the Koran... it would be their fault for not leaving. They told them to escape fast, and then there is the description of the nuke.


This is about timing. It was a last ditch effort on a last ditch hope, ran by the humans, or why would the humans be being destroyed. Yet 2 extra-terrestrials could live among them and help the innocent escape. Genesis

19:1 says so.

Genesis 19:11 says that they could blind men. This would probably make people think of mace. Tasers, you name it. How many ways can you blind someone, and question: why does this matter? It’s an evidence verse anyway. Did they have much like that in 1973? Not mace. Not pocket nukes. None was heard of, yet mace, tasers, and we’re getting there on the nukes – exist today.

Genesis 19:14 and 17 – what amazing timing they must have. We could have it too if we so choose.

Genesis 19:24-26 – don’t think the Lord won’t close a curtain I guess. Note that there are intervals of possibility, but these were only natural. These days we are in their control, but they are likely still timing us to see if they can come.


Genesis 19:1 – Unfortunately, humans must be sensitive about P.R. campaigns, because when theirs fizzled they plotted against the extra-terrestrials. Two extra-terrestrials came to test them.

Genesis 19:11 – The extra-terrestrials were attacked and defended themselves.

Genesis 19:14 – They warned people to leave the city.

Genesis 19:17 – They warned them.

Genesis 19:24-26 – They destroyed them.


Gen 19:1 – This is about how much of a balance is made with so many humans and yet so few extra-terrestrials when the extra-terrestrials have technology and the humans have scraps of information.

Gen 19:11 - is a technology-showing verse, to demonstrate the author knew about Gen 19:1 and didn’t just think oh well they were God.

Gen 19:14 - Yet the creators were able to warn everyone!

Gen 19:17 - They warned them all they could!

Gen 19:24-26 - This was the end to human technology, now it would be gradually progressing. The government got what they wanted; the creators had tried everything except gradual progress and it was shown to not work; they were in complete control.


The Sacrifice of Abraham shows that humans still felt kindly about their creators, allowing for life to continue on a primitive basis.

A harder test was needed then animal sacrifice to judge human's contrition.

Gen 22:12.


Gen 22:12 –

Experiment - This is about testing the human race’s feelings, for the information will come out later and Satan’s government probably didn’t want to stick around and wait to find out how we would react.


Gen 22:12 –

Inventory – People listen to voices very sacrificially.


Gen 22:12 –

Order - It was important to give out one final test to make sure the humans wanted compliance with this, as keeping them in spirit was the last thing they could do.


is about removing one race from the vicinity of another. Biological and Geographical factors, and then race rigging enable this.

However there is a lot to be said about Genesis 28:12, and 35:2 tells us to get rid of everything we don't need for it to work. Particles contain records of the living things they are apart of. They also need brains. Here's how I think this works: Planets, for instance, leave a trail we don't perceive of past history and a lead of future behavior. These are in finer matter and not as accurate, but useful for deciding what to do with us. There might be morphing between different planets between them. So an orbital, although it could be an orbit, also works as a distribution. Galactic arms, since they go slower allow us to see the spread. As you go up the arm there is sequential progress. Stars could act as neurons. A neuron is basically something that observes, analyzes, and cause change. A sun can be a lock box of information that requires a special key. Life develops in particles very naturally. Too early consciousness falls apart; too late is too rare to usually come around. That's why we detect from "Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers" beings our size. Historical records in particles and neurons just come about everywhere though because it is too ridiculous to copy their selves and spread otherwise. The historical records enhance survival greatly.

A – Repulsion ray. If a repulsion ray was invented and it could move planets, there would be far more inhabitable planets, increasing the likelihood that we existed; thus the likelihood of the existence of repulsion rays is great.


Genesis 28:12 – Is this the most authoritative way to purvey yourself as a powerful being, and was it better to be known? Also, where’s the variable here like before? It actually couldn’t be more authoritative – a ladder straight from our creators home with creators going up and down on it to control the earth. This is to establish systems of knowledge and trust, kind of like a Raelian baptism. Moses would be the one to trust, and Moses would trust the creators with how to be trusted. What’s interesting to sprout a whole lot of learning is to take the verse as a setup and experiment with what the angels were doing after the descended and ascended from the ladder.

Genesis 35:2 – This would be the first test of trust, corresponding to the first of the ten commandments. For those who want balance it could be measured how long people hold on to things they like.

They freed them, gave them rules for their own safety, established a monitoring system, and gave them new land.

Exodus 3:2 – Here is a semi but not perfect indicator of a creator. The question is, if you can mystify yourself, what in particular is there to do on earth?

Exodus 13:21 – 14:19-20 – To give trust, both to them and to us. Notice that with all the plagues, excluding maybe the stick-snakes and the firstborn deaths, they were geographically or racial. Is that the only way to segregate? Was it the best way? This one is about space and changing the outcome of a race to get through the red sea in time.

(a+e)-Exodus 14:21, Exodus 14:30 – We already covered the repulsion ray in the intro.

Seriously these are very important verses to the Raelian verses because they show exactly what a UFO might do.

A cloud could be a collective memory hive. A pillar of fire could be a car.

A system of light to rig a race!

Exodus 14:21 - a race where the race track moves!

Exodus 14:30 – This is a conclusion so there is no experiment on it. But maybe the experiment is whether these two things are ultimately all you can use to rig or run a race. Light, and race track. The rest maybe is obvious, and light can be sensory too.

The next five verses do not seem to have an experiment to go along with them, but sometimes they can be seen together. Perhaps it is to measure how the people feel.

Exodus 16:14 – Before we get to efficient food in size, there is efficient food in nutrition. So first there is a test of how people will react to being provided food.

Exodus 19:16-19: Power and terror as in Ezekiel. Note that as in this and Ezekiel, explanations will get fiercer. Sometimes they are repeated more specifically but with less possibility later. Notice that they haven’t been forbidden from coming up yet.

Exodus 19:23-24 – This is a direct warning for those who might not be afraid for some reason. Now they have been fed, scared, and warned together.

Exodus 24:2 – This is a clarification that what they could get was through Moses. They already knew Moses, so this is how they now have been fed, scared, warned, and then taught that since Moses could do these things, this is the same force.

Exodus 24:10 – This is just to show that the Bible corresponds with Rael’s account of a UFO’s inside. The only way to verify this would be to shoot one down if possible, something the creators say they would hate!

Exodus 24:17 – More terror and control. Terror by the image, and control by showing off they could live on mountains.

Exodus 25:2-4 Here’s one for humans loving the creators, and the creators wanting to share earth’s riches with their planet in kind. It was voluntary. What deals could one country make with another that was voluntary? A lot of top colleges share research. I guess there is no question here.

Exodus 33:8-11 – In the last two verses, this and the one before, how much can you get from a people, and how much can you be a friend to their leader?

Exodus 33:20 - So obviously extra-terrestrials didn’t want to transform their bodies into humans, and humans couldn’t make it to being an extra-terrestrial. That’s because they probably want the potential to share love with their creators as in Exodus 25:2-4. Is it better to copy yourself where you can or transform yourself for more places?

Leviticus 21:17 – How many or few disabled people should be born to maximize the chance of genetic mutation? I just felt impressed to ask that.

Numbers 11:7-8 – Like I mentioned, different subjects are expounded less broadly in later verses. How to make divisions?

Numbers 18:13 – They asked for riches first (in Exodus 25:2-4), but only asked for food once they had supplied the Israelites with food. Was this some sort of chivalry?

Numbers 21:8 – (snakebite) Jails usually keep people alive. In the case of a snake bite, we can see the anti-snake-venom on the pole, the fiery serpent a needle with the sticking point the tongue, fiery because it hurts. When someone was injected, or bitten, if they looked at it they’d be reassured that they would live. This is a good evidence verse, because how could ancient people know that? What understanding did they have to deserve such revealing help?

Numbers 33:52-53 and Deuteronomy 4:37 – Notice that he didn’t say kill them but to make them leave. This was about having their kids which would be preferred. The reason was their molten images. Any experiments to see what they would cling to might have gone too bad. If they couldn’t be led, they were probably pretty ambivalent to everything. Not killing is a commandment, but preventing baby birth isn’t. A question is how much control can come from this, this being a chapter about sociology.

Joshua 3:15-16 This was a military ploy based on technology available, to do the same thing that was done before, if I remember my history correctly to give a good starting point.


Genesis 28:12 – Extra-terrestrials walked around on the earth.

Genesis 35:2 – Before getting adhered to, distractions had to be taken away.

Exodus 3:2 – Following verses of understanding are verses of UFOs/extra-terrestrials while following verses of faith and righteousness are verses of resurrection. Since foreign idols had been put away, UFOs could appear, but only in this obscure way.

Exodus 13:21 – Moving light can modify the outcome of a race.

Exodus 14:19-20 – Creating dark can modify the outcome of a race as well.

Exodus 14:21 – The path of a race or traveling system can be modified during it by changing the landscape.

Exodus 14:30 – As soon as people are separated enough, making a race work can save one group of them.

Exodus 16:14 – Dependence on food.

Exodus 19:16-19 – terror control

Exodus 19:23-24 – a shot fired into the air.

Exodus 24:2 – a vulnerability described as a threat.

Exodus 24:10 –a UFO description from the inside.

Exodus 24:17 –Fire terror.

Exodus 25:2-4 – A colonization system set up through the terror.

Exodus 33:8-11 –Control from people’s own race established.

Exodus 33:20 –To distinguish between the two races (people and extra-terrestrials)

Leviticus 21:17 – It is like a pet store, you don’t see 3-legged dogs in the window.

Numbers 11:7-8 – A possible latter-day evidence that synthetic food could be created.

Numbers 18:13 – To keep their minds locked in to the creators.

Numbers 21:8 – After dependence, there was no reason to be mean or not let people survive, so snake bites were cured.

Numbers 33:52-53 – They get a land on the condition of following, a deal.

Deuteronomy 4:37 – It is not murder to select whose seed dominates.

Joshua 3:15-16 – Another water crossing would finally embolden the Israelites into getting their land.


Genesis 28:12 - We have seen superior people not have a chance to get stationed for conquest with the help of their creators who fought the government; now as explained in “The idea…” two paragraphs up, the favorite way to get scientific progress would be from the Jews. This time one group wanted to separate a chosen people so that they could have more kids, and instead of stopping it is the art of separating.

Genesis 35:2 - After doing whatever they wanted on earth, the first request was to put away foreign gods, a commitment to them.

Exodus 3:2 - Afterwards, they would give a less than perfect indicator to the prophet. It would be through amazing events that they would have to learn to trust. They would separate them geographically and biologically.

Exodus 13:21 – 14:19-20 - Once separated, they must win a race to safety. Further down the road they would have to make commitments and find a new place to dwell. By changing space and then changing light, you could legally rig a race.

Exodus 14:21, 30, 16:14,19: 16-19, 19:23-24, 24:2, 10, 17 - These are in order of terror and control, starting with complete dependence from food.

Exodus 25:2-4 - Therefore, a human could love the creators or hate the creators, and donate goods or not. If they donated goods and loved the creators, they could hope that they wouldn’t go until others went or that they could bargain their life somehow. If they donated, the creators might discover they don’t like them, and then they would be pressured to live better, even by fellow humans. If they didn’t donate, but were good, they would hope that the creators would try to piece it together. If they didn’t donate, and were bad, they would be sought ought perhaps. This is a complicated system of control that produces goods to the extra-terrestrials.

Exodus 33:8-11 - This was their balancing step.

Exodus 33:20 - They realize that they are losing their goods and can’t go up to heaven to get them, and could worry that more things would be taken out.

Leviticus 21:17 - OK. OK. Why is this one in order? Because they had exhausted the ways to control the Israelites, they wanted the Israelites to simply be anti-mutation.

Numbers 11:7-8 - The food is probably described here to give the reader a positive feeling that the food was better than bread crumbs. The physical description of anti-mutation shows extra-terrestrials and not gods so it is appropriate to describe an extra-terrestrial thing next, just as with other verses describing extra-terrestrial things.

Numbers 18:13 - Food is a comfort that they can take since the human food is satisfactory. They added it to the goods and services given here because only after they had taken care of the requirements the government of heaven wanted and described the food could they make their own demands.

Numbers 21:8 - Nothing left to take, so they went on to healthcare.

Numbers 33:52-53 and Deuteronomy 4:37 - Nothing left to give besides nutrition and health except land and fertility rights.

Joshua 3:15-16 - And so they entered their own land the same way that they left their old land and old masters.

The Trumpets of Jericho

is about how to fight a good war. Although the victims are required to give more and more action to escape with their lives, they still can flee. In the first war the Israelites killed, but they were excused because of retarded knowledge.


Joshua 5:14 – What would constitute righteous war? The next verses elaborate.

In Joshua 6:5, something very interesting to me, the horn, is mentioned. I don’t know how this could be something else besides a tool to give a blast, but there is this rather famous site at that talks about a horn as the copyrighted meru flame letter. It creates an alphabet of perspectives.

In the first war they didn't understand that they were doing the killing most likely, because they thought it was there tooting their own horns that knocked down the walls, and retardation is an early excuse for war but not a later one. 4 separate killings, each more mature. A quick explanation is that they first allowed destroying defensive shelters like walls (Joshua 6:5), then allowed things to fall on enemies so that they’d have to move to avoid them (Joshua 10:11), then probably made them so scared they’d want to die quickly and humanely than fight (Joshua 10:13), then people would simply have the choice to fight or run away (Joshua 6:21). The “flash war” reason, as the book calls it, is that they thought they were winning so badly they figured it was meant to do, and they would probably kill people humanely at that speed anyhow. In Judges 6:21, a creator looks supernatural. Also flash war means focusing on the ends and not the means.


Joshua 5:14 – The versions of successful war will be demonstrated.

Joshua 6:5 – First making people mad.

Joshua 10:11 – Then getting people to run and dodge projectiles.

Joshua 10:13 – Getting people to wish to die because it was too quick.

Joshua 6:21 – After their faith in attacking fast, an extra-terrestrial eating is shown. Notice that in this fight people could flee.


Joshua 5:14 – Saying there can be war and then demonstrating it.

This is in order to show that a war might be allowed, each time more aggressively than the last. Now they are settled and having babies.

Samson the Telepathist

is about real telepathy, first with our brains and then with the assistance of computers. Both are real, but also I anticipate what happens if the signals fail for awhile.


I believe that interplanetary telepathy is impossible, but as long as both sides know what’s around them, agree and transmit to each other how they’d react, and don’t change from within, it’s possible.

Both sides can know what’s around them with antennae. By not cutting their hair, they can collect data for their brains to process so that they have an accurate prediction of the future when the signal is away.

To transmit to each other, they have to agree and that’s why the child was born with special instructions and special circumstances (being born at an old age for instance).

To not change from within, eating and drinking clean probably helps.

So by looking at the things around him “telepathically,” the angels knew what he would do and could arrange things on earth to help him.

The only telepathy that occurred was when the angels were close to the earth; reasonable. The hair antennae let them measure not just his thoughts, but nature around him.

If our thoughts, deeds, and actions are measured, why do we need hair? It is because our brains can’t pick up waves and “thoughts”, only hair. Since our thoughts can be measured, we can answer back, but a one-way conversation is fruitless.

The presence of the armies of our creators is mentioned to show that they were recognized.

We can deduce that the telepathy with the ark is interplanetary. The creators were around earth at times, but not always (Joseph Smith said that). Since there’s not enough time, this is the creators’ first attempt to create their own Torah to guide humans when they’re not around. The transmitter is like a prayer; the powerful, probably nuclear, ark would have lots of computational power. It would let everyone hear or see what, after it looked up to the things relevant to the situation, was the most relevant answer. In the table of contents and then specifically, it sends out waves for whoever to hear.

Using the transmitter looks up the response based on the situation, which can be measured well with an atomic cell, in the table of contents and then specifically, and then sends out waves for those with long hair to hear. Using the receiver gets the current event and what should be done.

The nuclear failures hurting people with the ark is a reminder of Nuclear Power failure. In 1 Samuel 5-6, thieves of the ark got physically harmed. Once they got it back, Uzzah did too just by it falling on him and died. But it worked for several people. Notice that if something is stolen, and a superior army puts sanctions on them that are too much to stand, they can get it back.

If we take the horn in 1 Kings 1:50 and 2:28, perhaps they were the copyrighted meru flame letter. They could be trying to communicate with the horns through a universal alphabet of perspectives, have messed up, and incurred the Lord’s wrath/an error signal.

In Judges 13:3 it is about appreciating a match made in heaven with all of the uncertainty around having a child in life.

In Judges 13:4-5 we leave out the common sense things like staring at the sun, listening to loud music, and touching hot coals. To eat and drink well is important to the body and mind. I won’t talk about haircuts. The experiment is how would one take good care of something, in this case a baby that is going to be a prophet?

To take care of something in general, is this powering it, cleaning it, and letting it receive the right instructions!?

Judges 13:9 – Curing sterility scientifically and then having sex directly is the best way to promote the health of this child. She was first assured she could have a child, then assured he could be great, then she found out he was mating directly, each thing making her desire to care for the child more strongly.

It’s funny though that the experiment seems to me to just be what can you get done behind other people’s back.

Another example is in 1 Samuel 3:9 Samson is told to respond to a voice as a servant. When someone is more powerful you submit. Then in 1 Samuel 3:10-11 he does it, confirming that both Elijah and Samson recognized this. The experiment is how do you know when something will recognize its creator, and is followed up later on in this book by saying that by the beauty of creation do the created recognize creators (it’s in here in Song of Solomon).

The last verse we have to do is 1 Samuel 17:26 – What would it take to conquer your creators? And yes I do believe in creators as established at the front. It is undeniable to me. Now, this is an experiment, just one with the odds far on one side.


Judges 13:3 – A child would have to be declared special to be a good candidate for telepathy.

Judges 13:4-5 – While not all possible damages to the kids ability were laid out, examples were given.

Judges 13:9 – This is extra-terrestrial adultery, mentioned in a modern book. Why? Because of all the ten commandments, the only one that is no longer a threat to survival and health is safe sex.

1 Samuel 3:9 – The telepathy experiment is readied scientifically.

1 Samuel 3:10-11 – Then it works.

1 Samuel 17:26 – The ark’s messages are not to be trifled with since they come from an obviously superior force, and so they must be respectful in communicating too, and can get caught in a lie.

1 Samuel 5:6 – Miscommunication would lead to the humans being un-follow-able into their own future, but at their own risk. Some stranger was harmed for this.

2 Samuel 6:6-7 – It was difficult- even one of their own was harmed for this.


Notice once total communication is possible that about sums it up for control, we see the same thing with Jonah later on, but on a more intimate level, having knowledge of the big and the small and not thought of.

Communication comes next, for total control, and also since the Elohim will want to leave, keep track, send back, come back, maintain control over the small and large, etc…

First, it was necessary to appreciate having a “telepathic” child before learning how to care for him. Then the direct mating would impress her all the more.

1 and then 2 witnesses observe telepathy.

The purpose is revealed, that the Elohim armies would be too in charge to beat. Of course there is always a chance of being beat.

Trying to hack communication harms someone, even not learning how to use it properly harms someone in their own clan. This is just showing extra-terrestrial technology after they had in the books very own words, just shown “the reality of the presence in that epoch of a quite tangible “God”.” The technology allows exploration of distant communication, like interplanetary, and needs heavy calculation to work. The ark’s messages are not to be trifled with since they come from an obviously superior force, and so they must be respectful in communicating too, and can get caught in a lie.

The First Residence to Welcome the Elohim

is about catching a fast track through space.


1 Kings 8:12-13 - Dark clouds denote being part of something like a blood cell, in this case moving through a pipe. How long can something live without the information given by light?

1 Kings 8:11 – It was time for the UFO craft to explore. How long can something hold still in its own-sized space? 1 Kings 8:10 – That was take-off; blood is thicker than wine. How would something like to handle getting into a vessel and out, since pipes have faster water in the middle than the side? 1Kings 6:13 – A side note that humans were coming along too (in fact, the whole planet probably might have been). Solomon was a very wise man. How could humans prepare or what would have to be built for them?

The phrasing below uses language that can seem like a racing circuit through the huge being. The altar rent and the hand drying up relate to?

A vessel orbiting the cloud is a circulation system.

In 1 Kings 13:1-5 – perhaps to make people understand, the vessel got rent as though it were moving slightly faster on one side, that’s why the arm dissolved, and a circuit was necessary to return another way. It might have been a fast rip tide; and navigation skills might have mattered. (1 Kings 13:10). How can things expect to move to different-speed places, and how long does it take to map out things like return trips?

In 1 Kings 17:6, more evidence is that homing ravens to send information is kind of like a private newsletter that they send backwards as they go up the river. This was a huge experiment, i.e. the size of the living being we were a part of, beginning with our galaxy. So they used technology on people to keep their authority, probably letting the people develop on their own as slow (or as deeply) as possible.

1 Kings 17:23-24 -Resurrection is a biggie no matter how you slice it. Note that resurrection repeats itself when things are hard to understand. At the very bottom of page 39, there is a peculiar word ‘log’. A log is also a diary, and I was just wondering if there was some way this allowed them to pick the winning prophet as they collected logs.

1 Kings 18:38 - By keeping logs, or just not, they could control leadership through a prophet, simplifying and guaranteeing things.


1 Kings 8:12-13 – This is about catching a flow, like particles entering a blood vessel. It would be dark if it was thick, which it would be.

1 Kings 8:11 – Glory = jumbo spaceship; it was ready to go.

1 Kings 8:10 – Notice this verse comes first – the last is more descriptive.

1 Kings 6:13 - This is saying it is natural for people to try to catch the drift.

1 Kings 13:1-5 – When entering a flow, the faster part might break off from the slower.

1 Kings 13:10 – It’s a one way round trip, very far or at least a cycle; it has to be if there is a return.

1 Kings 17:6 – This is a check constantly sent back to keep track of what had already been colonized.

1 Kings 17:23-24 – Resurrections follow being close to understanding, like the ravens indicate that G-d is not all-present.

1 Kings 18:38 – Showing that the remote power worked.


1 Kings 8:12-13 - Once telepathy could be done from afar, and spaceships could return to check on things, far travel became an interesting topic.

1 Kings 8:11, 8:10, 6:13 - Then they travel and discuss the nature of travel, and mention that humans have potential to do this too. (Humans can be monitored close enough to not be able to escape, but if they both get in the fast lane maybe humans could.

1 Kings 13:1-5 - Since humans could understand being like gods in the last verse, and to show the nature of fluid travelling through a pipe (faster in the middle), this verse is acceptable.

1 Kings 13:10 - It is mentioned that a return trip might be made.

1 Kings 17:6 - The homing ravens meant spy/control objects would be sent back through the pipes to keep the colonized planets colonized. This is something G-d can’t do, since G-d is present everywhere.

1 Kings 17:23-24 - So then we have another resurrection verse.

1 Kings 18:38 - By keeping logs, or just not, they could control leadership through a prophet, simplifying and guaranteeing things.

Elijah the Messenger

shows that sometimes you have to obey something before it is real.

First his faith is tested in G-d, then other people’s faith in him is tested, then for such a positive experience he gets to go up in a UFO and the UFO is described. (resurrection for righteousness, extra-terrestrial presence for seeing God’s presence)



1 Kings 19:5-6 – we get the general idea that he just went out in the desert without food or water on such a test. How do you narrow the prophetic playing field?

In 1 Kings 19:11-12 – He was able to have text about the presence of G-d’s machines without getting destroyed by one, because he had proper faith. He risked his life, so to speak, before he knew his creators would save him. How much can a potential prophet resist terror when he also knows that his creator is coming?

1 Kings 22:19 – Seeing all the Heavenly controllers and generally the population of heaven takes even more courage to withstand. In these two verses, he writes everything down about heaven as fast as he can. That’s being a messenger. So he risks life and gets helped by the creators; note that you can’t risk life after you already know what the creators are going to do.

The experiment is, “should beings reveal themselves to the point that even in the winter meat of thought they are still present?”

1 Kings 22:22 – He went up against the prophets, even though they would normally win, just because it was the creator’s whim to tell him to do so. How could he know his signal was accurate? He just does; he’s just the messenger. He’s seen it already. He probably was there around the prophets when this happened and answered the king – the king was more a direct threat for now I guess because he didn’t have to deal with the creators.

Do you expose people as being without total integrity to get them to listen to the true prophet?

2 Kings 1:12 – He provokes them out of heaven, when they were supposed to be, and they could have gotten angry and tortured or killed him, but didn’t. They died instead, just as he said.

How many people do you need to kill to establish a safe level of belief?

2 Kings 1:15 – He went down even after so many killed when someone angry could have wanted to attack him.

How many people should you kill to establish a prophet-sy?

In 2 Kings 2:1 He risked going aboard a spaceship when he didn’t really know what the creator wanted. A whirlwind is probably just the shape of a spaceship (see Ezekiel). Also whirlwinds are dark and this could be the beginning of capillaries in veins.

Since the people had such a great knowledge of prophets and prophets had such a great knowledge of their creators, it was right to reveal a UFO. Does it help to tell the reader that he got into a UFO?

2 Kings 2:11- Horses of fire sound like a rocket blast pipe flame, but also emissions from a blood vessel would look like fire since it is so thick. The horses come out; the chariot goes in. Horses coming out of blast pipes remind me of pressure coming right out of the capillaries as the rest goes into the veins.

Please note that as in 1 Kings 17:23-24, in Solomon, so here in 2 Kings 4:32-7, there was a life saved towards the end. Thus we liken Solomon and Elijah as both talking about entering blood vessels, one in the vein or capillary, one in general.

The question is, how do you find such a person, who will obey first and ask questions later? And how do you know now what you should do, when your life will keep changing?

Does it help to describe the UFO in detail here?


1 Kings 19:5-6 – Believing before seeing – first going probably beyond the point of safe return into the desert to eat. Note: Do Not Attempt This!

1 Kings 19:11-12 – Then withstanding destruction only to find out it was the Lord.

1 Kings 22:19 – Then being permanently exposed to the truth.

1 Kings 22:22 – Then establishing mentally to everyone he is the prophet.

2 Kings 1:12 – Then establishing physically to everyone he is the prophet.

2 Kings 1:15 – Then recognizing earth’s people.

2 Kings 2:1 – For all this recognition of the truth, an “abduction” or whirlwind occurred, probably voluntary.

2 Kings 2:11 – Since it is so crucial here, details of the UFO are forthcoming.

2 Kings 4:32-7 – Resurrection occurs (for faith), but it is in a recognizably scientific manner.


1 Kings 19:5-6 – Elijah was very faithful; he would do anything he was commanded no matter how futile it looked, so first he went out in the desert where there was no food or water just on a command, without knowing it would work (how could he know).

In the first two verses, he risks his life more directly each time. Then he obviously knew.

Then other people were brought to attention of him. First they fail in their prophets to him, then lives get lost, then they meet him.

As a result of faithfulness in understanding how prophets get knowledge through their G-d and people through their prophets, a UFO is reported, first by itself, then in detail reminiscent of a rocket ship.

The Multiplication of Bread

is about people fighting over being able to travel to another planet. Whereas in “The first Residence to welcome the Elohim” there was little evidence, now there is evidence of humans wanting to travel in every verse.

The multiplication of bread itself is a very interesting topic warranting many advanced concepts on this page.


2 Kings 4:42-44

Humans may have been asked to cramp their positions when it came to doing what they wanted, so that they could “leave” earth with the “bread” that was there. Ironically it was “astronaut food.”


To have enough food and have everyone able to leave planet earth would be expensive in planning and also uncomfortable.


2 Kings 17:23-the words “own land” in the verse could mean their own UFO landing or their own physical habitat. Just like it’s difficult to catch text like this on the fly, it could be difficult to get their own space landing to help things out, be it of E.T.s or self-built without crowding the door.


If they left their land, that would make it even harder to leave.

The lesson; self-gratification and gratification of others is hard to quit.


Isaiah 6:1-2 – Since this is one of the worst performances, although it shows something about God being physical (that God is frugal and thrifty), they get to see two aliens that looked like angels and could fly with what looked like wings. Better luck next time.

Isaiah 13:4-5 – Either definition of land is not good here. The humans were overly ambitious to fly away, not taking the time to practice self-control, and so the creators did not want them to overcome them once fled. How should I liken this? They wanted to teach them to spread out, but they couldn’t handle it, so they went to stop them, without trying to limit them from unrighteous activity, which was a difficult matter without exposing everything. If they exposed everything, it would break the gradual connections the humans had been making. As I’ve said before, if they never terminate all humanity it always has a chance to overpower.

Isaiah 14:13-14 – Even though the verse is supposed to be about something else, it applies here too; humanity I think to this day would like to be like Star Trek.


Isaiah 14:17- A reminder that past aggression left a desert in Sodom and Gomorah.

Isaiah 15:8-9 – We can see on a map that blood would trickle down the mountain into the dead sea.


Isaiah 26:20- This is like waiting out a war when you are the least common denominator of despicable fighting. It also is a wonderfully fun verse, thinking of all the things that you could encounter floating through a bigger body!



2 Kings 4:42-44 – How do you minimize the source or time of powering for something like a robot or animal? (Remember Samson, eating/powering, drinking/cleaning, hair/information-getting?

2 Kings 17:23 – The verse doesn’t say anything about cannibalism, although that could prove a useful technique for everyone fighting to get into space. A highly evolved species would be balanced and not cannibalistic. It does say they were carried away out of their own land. How much tolerance is there to an evolving race eating itself based on how evolved it is, especially something like humans that can plan?

Isaiah 6:1-2 – A description of creators in jet packs. They could fly. What could a flying human do?

Isaiah 13:4-5 – We can’t see from just the verses that this is a reference to the past, so it looks like they’re fighting us for fighting ourselves. If Iraqis are attacking each other, and we can fight more humanely, it would seem this is OK. Is it?

This shows to me how serious cannibalism might be. How much can such a long-standing race like the creators, who must have already been completely peaceful for the residence in Solomon, tolerate Israel doing it? Enough to virtually destroy them. When someone comes to destroy your land, do you evacuate or hide? This would have to be guessed, perhaps referring back to Moses and the angels going up and down the stairs; what would they do on earth? If it says to destroy the whole land, fleeing is probably not appropriate. Burying oneself in the sand, or a bunker, is better. Space travel can’t be done. The question is what would it take an Israelite to be able to build a bunker, and sadly this is symbolized in WW II. No I think this is more of an explanation of the creator’s power.

Isaiah 14:13-14 – Since they may have been thinking of star travel, it is a reminder of what the humans thought at Babel and Gomorrah, less at Gomorrah because it was a losing streak as they hated their creators more. In Isaiah 14:17, we are reminded that civilization got wrecked on account of this. In relation to this, it contrasts with hiding from the creators, which might have improved things with Babel and Gomorrah.

Also high could be a retort, humans might see through themselves to a lower scale, but extra-terrestrials could see higher above the body they were a part of (this we know). High could also mean to take over the larger being of which we are a part.

Isaiah 26:20 – I bet they had their scriptures before them and knew some science, to be able to figure nukes might be used again. It was the only example they could find, and I have theorized that the creators are more predictable. The reason for that theory turned out to be wrong, but there is another reason. The creators hadn’t built individual and societal connections as deep as the humans, who were created with more love than them. I am not sure if that last sentence was right.


2 kings 4:24-44 – They try to use their bread to leave as a group.

2 Kings 17:23 – Cannibalism, of course, is severely frowned upon by people that have become peaceful due to all of them being near perfect in terms of evolution.

Isaiah 6:1-2 – an encouraging sign for space travel.

Isaiah 13:4-5 –– We can’t see from just the verses that this is a reference to the past, so it looks like they’re fighting us for fighting ourselves. It seems to justify fighting respectfully against the reprehensibile. Since all war starts with anger and not thinking we are one, great care would have to be made to start such a war.

Due to the desire to get into undaunted space travel, using the most powerful concept imaginable, the multiplication of bread, it was time for war.

Isaiah 14:13-14 –“ascend into heaven. Above the stars of heaven” – they would spread out past the elohim.

“above the heights of the clouds” – above the speed of the UFOs.

Isaiah 14:17 – The word is desert, and it was the blight of the human race for trying to do this that it was desert.

Isaiah 26:20 – hiding yourself on earth from a nuke is similar to hiding yourself in space by disguise. Notice the word is chambers, not bunkers.

Chambers is more appropriate anyhow, since it is parts of the blood stream that appear as chambers.

This also answers questions about particles impacting each other.



I was thinking the next important topic is, after telepathy, letting the creators space travel, and rewarding faith to find a prophet to babysit human civilization, the next important thing is, what can the humans do to travel in vessels? After that will be how the creators could colonize a planet for themselves.


After all, if a jet-stream came close, the enormous speeds might allow the human race to fly away, establish huge networks, and use extraterrestrials as slaves for evolving!

What are the odds though that we’d get the technology?

Actually quite good! If we escaped it would be for a long time and we might break a lock or two they’ve made in our progress.

Notice how in the verse it says they will leave thereof, after compressed processors, fuel, food, and many other things can be made smaller.

2 Kings 17:23 - Perhaps cannibalism was disgusting to the creators. They don’t kill each other on their planets because they are balanced. However it was desirable to humans because it was so difficult to make decisions to preserve everyone with the population so run amuck. They probably knew they had too many people to all make a trip if it involved a space jump, eating each other.

Isaiah 6:1-2 - The creators in jet packs is incomprehensible to the people, so luckily they probably don’t know there is not enough fuel for all to exit the earth or there’d be more cannibalism. The extra-terrestrial description follows. The cannibalism thing is somewhat mysterious and non-reward-worthy, so the jet packs are as well.

Isaiah 13:4-5 –

The irony is, if the people wanted to reduce their population, they got it. You have to stop cannibalism as soon as it starts. First they showed themselves to the prophet to give him the opportunity to warn others. Of course you’re from the end of heaven; you’re going to start war on humanity everywhere. You don’t want them to escape and do this, so first you mention you will wage war on them to be respected, then you say why.

Isaiah 14:13-14 - Of course they’re going to think of escape, they want more space and to be equal, familiar territory with Noah. This is a side note so it goes last except for the bunkers.

Isaiah 14:17- Remembering Sodom and Gomorrah and just mentioning it here for the completion of the subject matter.

Isaiah 26:20 – “Bunkers” is an interesting word because it is the opposite of debunkers. While it could be another Noah story, bunkers could mean that those human civilizations who could hide their identity the best might make it a grand pipe.

However chambers is better because many things in biology are chambers and multi-chamber.



The Flying Saucers of Ezekiel

is about colonizing planets perhaps without even setting your own foot on them, with fear and control, and also talks about germ warfare. What is the difference between talking about earth and talking about this, or is it simply about doing something on Earth? I think it is about a planet already populated and using terror and control to colonize it, and Ezekiel just had a vision of it. That is because of the four faces of the “aliens.” Also,it is because they first dealt with things our size and then germs.


Ezekiel 1:4-26 - Fire, lightning, and stormy wind scare people. Fire and storm can make for powerful control. Lightning can be used for pinpoint shooting or lighting the way. Now we understand why the 4 creators had 4 faces, to use the scariest or most powerful one. A calf’s foot may shine; it also helps them not get contaminated because it’s metal. We can see that wings and arms are more powerful together. They might not have had wings, but it’s still more powerful that way. For some reasons the creators hadn’t trans-humanized themselves this way. Actually they had, creating us. But they kept themselves as they wanted. This was probably just space-suit related – fear and power. For some reason they have the same shape we do.

Fire and lightning on the beings is similar. They didn’t turn; they just switched directions when they wanted to, and could go very fast. These two things instill fear and show power. Of course they let their wings down when they went.

Repetitive maintenance (the other definition) on the intergalactic vessel (see Solomon) shows this is indeed about spreading out a colonizing welcome package.

Why are these the ways to terrorize and control? And why do they want to terrorize and control (go back to Moses first verse)?

There is even the word dreadful.

Ezekiel 1:26 – Since Ezekiel recognized that there was terror which was un-God-like, he got to see an actual alien in the ship above. So this isn’t an unmanned planetary colonization, but rather a testable description of how an alien might colonize a populated planet. Why do they populate it themselves?

Ezekiel 2:1, 7:8 –

Eating is just as comfortable for a man as for a creator I guess. Anyway this is science. Eating was said to be for powering earlier on. In this case it could be for empowering! What can you do to empower something in the process of powering it? Give it science. If they had hard science, they would be able to do the ‘miracles’ at the end of this web page themselves. On the other hand, if they didn’t have hard science, why would the creators invite them in only after discontamination, when they could send in damaging devices. Yes, it says they didn’t like the smell, but they used a disinfectant ray on one person. Rael and Moses saw Yahweh eye to eye. They both contradict each other. I think they wanted to show about discontamination for future readers. How else do you protect against discontamination to be understood for it later?

I think the key is in the bone verse. In Ezekiel 37:1, the reference to having bones live shows what they can do without telling how to do it (or obviously they would do it since they would have been shown how to do it in order to do it). It was probably just to make aware that there could be a dormant graveyard, maybe from another colonizer, waiting it’s time to send bacteria up to the ground in order to kill people. You have to think about the flying saucers of Ezekiel as colonizers, and a hidden force as a disrupter. Hence the boneyard for warning, but also the boneyard for science. Are there really enough planets inhabited these ways to be prepared when colonizing them?

Ezekiel 2:9-10 - Enhanced writing, I think, was a clue to 3-D printing. How far can you run with the thought?

Ezekiel 3:3 - I feel content with the kind of doctrine I’m preaching here. It’s somehow satisfying to know where I stand; a guinea pig who won’t die if I cooperate but doesn’t want to experiment for someone else. A land where those who are interesting stay alive. In what worlds would someone who discovered the truth be comforted?

Ezekiel 3:12 – Note that if you travel at half the speed of light, time doesn’t double to return. See my notes on Genesis 1:1-f, If you accelerate, things don’t change that much.

Also notice here that he goes into a vessel and hears great rushing, a sign of a blood vessel; at least a sign of wind. Probably just the jumbo UFO though. It is often described this way. Remember fire, lightning, and wind. How does great rushing rank compared to fire and lightning in different simulators for control and for just terror?

Ezekiel 8:3 – This was all so hard to grasp he thought he was having visions. How do you know when something will believe what it sees?

Ezekiel 10:8, 19 and 11:1, 23-24 - Once again we see terror and power. Terror and power in having arms beneath wings, and terror and power in taking Ezekiel in a flight. How does the familiarity of a hand outweigh the terror?

Ezekiel 37:1 – A valley of bones implies big things to be aware of, but in the next verse we look at small things. What big things are there to be aware of?

Ezekiel 37:3-10 - Besides some temple references to show it is happening or has happened already, we have the great bone verse. We ruled out teaching it to Ezekiel, because he had to see the refrigerating ray, the paralyzing beam, and the rushing voice. We ruled out there being no reason because of the disinfectants the E.T.s had before the humans. I think it was saying it’s possible for things to hide and then mobilize; all a matter of time. Why just two weeks ago, a 3-D printer printed a prosthetic ear that could improve upon dog hearing (written about the beginning or first quarter of 2013-part of the ear was grown). What are the best ways to find hiders that can take over a planet later?

Ezekiel 40:2-3 – Just because they have problems with the small and human sized, they don’t appear to have problems with the large – mountains. Could they?

Ezekiel 42:14 – So the priests were to go to the holy place, replace clothes, and go to the outer court in sterile clothes, as Rael corrects the word ‘holy’ with ‘sterile’. Then with a disinfectant ray to get next to them nanobots could be destroyed (if they were from some unknown hidden earth civilization or the humans were expert at hiding knowledge of deep inside their bodies). The food was left apart, and the creators could probably disinfect it too and eat it out of their tubes. Is this sufficient?

In Ezekiel 42:14 Mormon holy garments never made much sense to me, but I could grasp that they were sterile, if not numbingly sterile. I didn’t understand why we all had to wear them or why we all had to be like Adam? From Ezekiel 43:2, 44:2, and 44:3 we gather that a great many creators could dwell. I don’t think it ever says how big, and they can probably control the primitive people just fine. They cracked down with the prince first; maybe they had to test what would come in first, to try to stop a sucker punch of bacteria and then go after it, but after finding none they just wanted to be as sterile as possible in 44:2-3 established that one person could come in after being sterilized. Again, how? Ezekiel 43:2 has the qualities of rushing water sound and earth shine. In order of these verses,

In order of these verses, how do you keep clean from your contaminated creation? Tell them they can’t come in. The waters represent cleaning, and the earth shining represents power, saying that the extra-terrestrials need to do these things. Saying there will be a gate specifically, and then allowing a representative. What are the ways garments can become impure? What could they do more by keeping clean and powerful – what would it be like to be sick from your created, from your host planet? Why did they not lock it themselves? What could you do with just one person coming in in terms of controlling the population? How effective is a porch in letting people catch each other, or putting a warning light on? What can you do with a porch?

Unfortunately, this is not mentioned in the verse, so we can just notice that one person was allowed instead of many, but then he would have to be watched. A disinfectant ray makes sense anyway, since airborne microscopic toxic insects could find their way in. The prince could be monitored in thought and deed to check for mutiny. Note that Mormons do this too. How do you use running water/voice of water sounds strategically when all of your larger vessels had it?

Ezekiel 44:15-16 – OK, so the priests could feed them and the prince could talk. Fat and blood was forbidden to humans, but not to extra-terrestrials. How do they work this out in creation?

Ezekiel 44:17-18 – Sweating would likely make pinpointing an airborne contaminant too hard, I guess. Apparently, we can have very clean rooms and the meat and blood could be disinfected too. Why did they not have a checker to make sure there wasn’t sweat? They wanted their people responsible right? Which is more important, respect or getting it right?

Ezekiel 44:30 – It seems the creators have mellowed out after being so old. They offer blessings in exchange for food, not just giving forgiveness. Why the difference? With too many people, they would just do group offerings occasionally, but those who make the effort to love the creators get rewarded. With their power and terror, this could create a maelstrom of people donating food and getting blessings. Does this mean that barter systems get worse and more must be offered to humans, in terms of things like them wanting to give food, being afraid, etc…?

Now in Daniel 3:25, Daniel 6:22, and Daniel 10:5-6 we see flame (disbursed), lightning (microwave beam) used only to stop movement I suppose, and a mighty looking angel, to show their power in helping humans survive, as love was becoming a better way to get food. How do you know when it’s safe to love more?


Ezekiel 1:4-26 – Elohim use terror and power over a particular new planet that they might not even be visiting.

Ezekiel 1:26 – Understanding this makes for a good understanding of the interior of a UFO, the next detail, to be deservingly presentable.

Ezekiel 2:1, 7-8 – Eating for mental nourishment.

Ezekiel 2:9-10 – The mental nourishment was going to be very interesting.

Ezekiel 3:3 – He was probably satisfied like I am with this sort of control but allowance to come up with research for the E.T.s as their slaves.

Ezekiel 3:12 – A rushing sound is what a blood vessel might make. However the blood vessels were, “behind him.”. In other words he was travelling on earth, not through fast tunnels in far outer space.

Ezekiel 8:3 – He was able to travel to Jerusalem on a UFO.

Ezekiel 10:8 – For noticing the non-constant shape of the universe, we see hands beneath the angels “wings.” Like I said when different planets are closer together, the noticeable morphing appears more regularly then from further apart planets. In this case there is heaven and earth, even if heaven isn’t a planet.

Ezekiel 10:19 – He is learning from experience what these things he rode in are.

Ezekiel 11:23-24 – The usual “abduction” takes place, but once again there is no sign of it being involuntary.

Ezekiel 37:1 – This time he knows he’s going in the “spirit of God”, which is how we know that’s a UFO.

Ezekiel 37:3-10 – The concept of bacteria or smaller life is significant to remotely founding a planet, and this is the best introduction.

Ezekiel 40:2-3 – He has to take him to one of their cities to explain the sterilizing the creators must do to avoid germs or smaller.

Ezekiel 42:1-4 – here we see what may be the first example of steps that have been taken.

Ezekiel 43:2 – For understanding the concept, a jumbo UFO for the first time was seen.

Ezekiel 44:2 – They are not to be bothered, bacterially or smaller.

Ezekiel 44:3 – Allowing one visitor to muffle rumors.

Ezekiel 44:3 (2) – not going through.

Ezekiel 44:15-16 – need to be fed while enclosed.

Ezekiel 44:17-18 – protection.

Ezekiel 44:30 – blessings offered, since people might figure it out and try to stop the priest, as a safety precaution.

Daniel 3:25 – blessing examples: refrigerating ray. (these exist for homo sapiens on earth).

Daniel 6:22 – animal control. (telekinetically through waves).

Daniel 10:5-6 – so much concept to learn – that’s why a creator got described.


Ezekiel 1:4-26 - We start with massive terror. Terror and control are for dominating people, as we saw in Exodus 19-24. In Exodus they were like a new people since they were about to be freed.

Ezekiel 1:26 - If G-d were divine, he wouldn’t need to use terror. Hence the description of the machine Rael sat in. This is a very important description just like this is a very important chapter. It is not only about using terror and control when landing on a planet after travel, but also about managing micro-machines that might attack later on.

Ezekiel 2:1, 7:8 - They are going to educate. Notice that they are going to learn flight, cloning, anti-bacterial research, about refrigerating rays and pain rays, etc…, so shouldn’t those be taught first? The education was probably general, with specifics to be learned later.

Ezekiel 2:9-10 - This is where they educate. 2-sided writing covers a lot of educational techniques.

Ezekiel 3:3 - Then he knows he’s under control and that his creators want stuff out of him. He said it was sweet, and I think it feels sweet too.

Ezekiel 3:12 - First he experienced flight to learn they were mobile. Later he would learn that they were duplicative and then once he learned about something-biotic he would deal with that.

Ezekiel 8:3 – Perhaps feeling content before these two verses and cloning afterward are so important there’s a double description of UFOs. Yahweh told Rael it takes as long as it does to think about it to travel somewhere in space. Being, “carried in visions to Jerusalem” matches that description.

Ezekiel 10:8,19,11:1,23-24 –

Just as soon as he learned about flight, he learned angels could fly, “hands under wings”, then that they could direct the UFOs, then that it could even lift him, then that a jumbo UFO (glory of God = jumbo UFO, spirit of God = mini-UFO) could take him somewhere. Levels of control and more advanced logical puzzles each one.

But there is a direct problem. Ezekiel 11:24 and Ezekiel 8:3 seem like copies. It is probably that the first one brought him somewhere he knew, and the later was to show him aggression against him.

Ezekiel 37:1 – It is obvious bones will come to life, allowing for armies, if they could be trained, to come up against humans. This gives more limitless power after the more limitless powers of the last four verses. Normally we would ask why they came to life- what was it a reward for, but this is no reward.

Ezekiel 37:3-10 - We see that different organ systems come up in term, something we’ve only learned recently, having created a shape of the organ out of its cells it would grow into the whole system.

Ezekiel 40:2-3 – The extra-planetary don’t have a problem with the big, and we learn they want to stay away from human life. We are going to learn that this deals with difficulty of staying sterile and healthy. It is the last scare verse; after they can do all that to attack us, they can hide their base from us.

Ezekiel 42:14 - Minimum contact (one man) who was a priest (one read mind) could be sterilized maximally and provide all that was needed.

Ezekiel - 43:2, 44:2, 44:3 - Once there is a safe “room” that doesn’t require work, the extra-terrestrials could bring their friends. From 44:2, they establish again that it needs to be sterile, then in 44:3 invite one man in again. There was the same entryway as the exit. Now that things are set up with one entranceway, one is safer than two. Things are really well set up, emphasis probably needs to be placed on the disinfectant ray now.

Ezekiel 44:15-16 – The food is now provided without ever entering the inner sanctuary.

Ezekiel 44:17-18 – Then they wanted a better smell to be more comfortable, and also they could work out technology in the garments for fighting bacteria.

Ezekiel 44:30 - Being safe now, and avoiding unpleasant smell, they would want fruit, which doesn’t touch the ground as it’s grown.

Now in Daniel 3:25, Daniel 6:22, and Daniel 10:5-6 we see flame (disbursed), lightning (microwave beam) used only to stop movement I suppose, a mighty looking angel), to show their power in helping humans survive, as love was becoming a better way to get food.

The Last Judgment

is either the last judgment before someone gets an afterlife, the last valuation of the small that can be made, or the most up-to-date thought of a human obtained through interview.


Note that in Daniel 12:2, plus Solomon and Elijah, a life is saved. The first residence to welcome the Elohim shows that prophets could begin to have faith in far-out situations. Elijah had great faith in being a messenger at the right time and then a report about great resurrections. The Persians and Greeks were rewarded for faith and then there was a resurrection. The great Pascal’s wager is how likely is this true and how likely false? Speaking of Pascal’s wager God couldn’t be created, but there is a chance of aliens creating us.

Note: This verse comes before the last one in I.D. The creators couldn’t probably know all the different political rifts that would occur at the beginning of earth’s creation. The changing of the guarded is just something that would have or would not have happened. It’s what they already knew they’d do about either case that’s important.

Next at Daniel 12:3, we learn that those who help society the most get a reward. Since these scriptures would be believed, it is worth getting this down. We can assume this is truthful because people may not be motivated to help, but the help is traditionally wanted by the creators. A reward will have to be demonstrated, but there is no way to demonstrate it. As in Elijah, some things must be done before they are known. The secondary Pascal wager is should we try anyway? But the key is, by suggesting that those who help the geniuses get rewarded just like the geniuses, the playing field is more even, and how good of a promise to make people happy is that? Daniel 12:4 says that this is true that people haven’t known about rewards for helping society (by genius or propping up good dominions). Since the knowledge is hidden, isn’t this the next way to make it more fair? Now that we see science in Daniel 12:7 people are already very scientific (this we can see) and they have Israel gathering together, it is only appropriate to reward those who help, since I learned from Noah that non-independent, unequal, non-wicked science has been deemed safe. Once things are clearly at the end, when the most important people are gathered, they will have even more opportunity to get rewarded, because instead of knowing it they will see it. Obviously this information is sealed too, which is the last bit of fairness right? We’ll reward them; it makes sense that the Eloha will warn them. Daniel 12:9 shows that we have only to bring Israelites together for this stuff to happen on earth.

Duplicate Information:

Daniel 12:3 – Thus it is fair about genius! Rael said that intelligence and genius can be measured by love. Anyone can learn to love, and even if they can’t they still have the opportunity to support those who do. Even Stephen Hawking, who can twitch a muscle, can love humanity by warning us to migrate into space in a millennium.

Daniel 12:4, 7 – we already know the role of the Bible that it’s very good for, hiding scientific information to be recognized at the last day so we could team up with our creators. When Israel was reunited, obviously the creators were ready for a high level of our technology (Israel together = high technology).

Daniel 12:9 – we all know there’s something wrong; we should be farther in the future if everything’s great. I’ve forgotten the last possibility of danger to the human race – themselves. That is why this is the end.

But there is one caveat. In Jonah 1:17 they wished to interrogate directly, probably to tap into thoughts people wouldn’t normally think, to get the very most possible from the population. Jonah had to go 72 hours; is that enough with 1 person?
Notice the Jonah story also represents a gigantic being shooting out a smaller one.
Also, since we are saying people of the time couldn’t understand it, maybe this is another complicated thing. Maybe a submarine is a machine to travel through your inside. A belly could be anywhere. Gastric juices would have indeed been a problem (it is in a belly). This is to talk about evidence that the fish was a normal submarine, but the word submarine also applies to penetrating a stomach internally. There would also be air in a submarine. Now a conversation could be an extract thing to try to go in their own bodies and human bodies and go as small as possible to extract information, perhaps as a form of control in case something small came out of a human one day. What do you do with a submarine/smaller measuring tool?

They protected Jonah, 2:10, and perhaps he was a fabricated human, perhaps a real tiny human, but he was unharmed; probably a smart move. Also note being vomited is a convenient way to go in time! If you can make a fish vomit, what can you do with all the living things by controlling them directly?

Zechariah 5:1-2 - A show of a UFO? Again this is the Bible, keep it ancient or not, and this sounds like someone saw a modern UFO. If the Bible is modern, you still have to account for how it was made, like looking at and such.

Zechariah 5:9 - probably mentioned women, which were considered inferior probably, to encourage the psalmist to say something aggressive. He did. Why do all women admire women angels, saying there babies come from storks when these women had the wings of a stork?

In Psalms 8:5 - he says, relating to Jonah, that we can probably pierce the complexity of our bodies to a lower level then the extra-terrestrials. That gives the extra-terrestrials the right sometimes to pre-emptive attack.

Of course, these verses are far apart. Perhaps there is nothing to it, but they are close in Intelligent Design. How can you tell who can pierce their own complexity lower, and what games can you play on it?

Psalms 19:6 - says heaven and earth inter-travel is complete. This means connecting up to earth is complete. That would be very far and take a very long time for us if we weren’t near a flow. Can you use superior technology to track a brain-superior human brain? Psalm 19:4 reiterates this. At this point, now that land has appeared and we’ve asked what can be done with permeable membranes, gravity, and pressure, we could re-ask ourselves what all of a tabernacle can be made! Two suns for the two planets. 19:6 is really stronger I think. They deal with relativity too!

Psalms 33:13-14 - We should be mature enough at this point to know that they were probably in blood vessels for a long time and this little perspective we call the Bible is just the rare thing of us that can happen everywhere but is interesting and poignant. We can re-ask ourselves how they can monitor us in terms of what they let us do.


Daniel 10:13 – an example of an apostasy, with Persia going from 2nd to 1st with being the most faithful.

Daniel 12:2 – Due to the huge amount of faith, concepts of resurrection in general, not just one, are introduced.

Daniel 12:3 – Being a great help and helping another to be a great help are ways to expect getting a better resurrection, and alien behavior suggests the possibility.

Daniel 12:4 - let many be rewarded for using their genius to help, and save the most important information until the end.

Daniel 12:7 – Israel will be the hub of a huge advantage of technology once we’ve rewarded ourselves showing what we can do.

Daniel 12:9 – this is intuitive too. First it was said it would happen in Daniel 12:4, then the mechanism occurred in Daniel 12:7, then it happened in Daniel 12:9.

Jonah 1:17 – Either interrogation to get the maximum thought and information, or introspection to learn from the smallest part of a body.

Jonah 2:10 – three days gives perspective.

Zechariah 5:1-2 – for learning such a great secret, another appearance comes. The dimensions of a UFO are prescribed.

Zechariah 5:9 – as if that’s not enough, women E.T.s come out.

Psalms 8:5 – just who can see further into themselves?

Psalms 19:6 – From the two definitions of circuit, either a trade route exists or the creation cycle from heaven to earth is complete, I think the latter.

Psalms 19:4 – Surprise! Repulsion rays exist for planets, which is likely since it greatly increases the number of potentially habitable planets.

Psalms 33:13-14 – Information is connected backwards to heaven.


The last judgment means the last use of human intellect to provide information. Since they wanted positive human behavior to learn from, they offered sublime pleasure or pain after death as a system to control human action.

Daniel 12:3 - A fair explanation of how a reward can be made should be offered soon.

Daniel 12:4 - Of course, it couldn’t be known all the time, or things wouldn’t be fair, but when it says knowledge will increase it means people will be realizing it, thus rewarding a fish with a better fishing line.

Daniel 12:7 - In modern times what the people with more fish know is how it works, and this here is what points out to them that it was said in the beginning, to offer even more incentive in these crucial times. Judgment is just more critical when the planet nears star travel and is itself more critical. Once the people that needed dignity were restored to part of Israel, then that is another hint at the time.

Daniel 12:9 - Last was two out of order.

If Jonah was a man, the last judgment that can be performed is to ask him questions to get him thinking about as much as possible. If the surveyors are trying to judge everything they need to know about earth, they need to get into the smallest observation-stations they can get too.

Jonah 2:10 - Know the last judgment. Either with humans or with the earth. Then demonstrate that you can remote control something.

After final judgment and demonstrating power, the creator wants to show what he is so that people wouldn’t dismiss his power as something supernatural and not be wary of him.

Zechariah 5:1-2 - A show of a UFO? Again this is the Bible, keep it ancient or not, and this sounds like someone saw a modern UFO. If the Bible is modern, you still have to account for how it was made, like looking at and such.

Zechariah 5:9 - Women relate themselves to female extra-terrestrial angels with their baby deliveries. I think it’s a modern witness of a vestige of reality, kind of like a modern UFO show.

Psalms 8:5 - All that’s left is to compete on lower and lower levels. It seems strange to say humans can perceive lower than extra-terrestrials, but then we do have better brains right? If our brains can think in more advanced ways, perhaps that’s a show that we use our selves more deeply (we don’t have to know it right?).

Psalms 19:6-4 –

Notice the word circuit. If he has a circuit from earth to heaven, to the ends of it, it probably means he can measure everything in between maximally. If circuit means naturally, it is probably a claim of land. Once we get to the last part, where there is competition of the small, then there is a claim of course that one is better (of course, there probably is no way to ever tell, but we’re not the one who knows).

Since small things take time to overcome, a reminder enhanced comes about of the repulsion ray, this time stating that he could move the sun!

Psalms 33:13-14 - As heaven sometimes indicates UFOs, I think this means that he can still deal with anything setting up of the earth, that he can see them. However that doesn’t mean he can control them all. There are three ways humankind can win – mutation after a very, very long time, escape through a quick moving flow, and the battle from the small.


Is about those forces that want to destroy us and why they haven't.


Job 1:6 – So much for the great and last revelation of Satanists (that Satan is God). Why were they so split when they could see so far ahead, even Bible codes? How far can we see ahead?

Job 1:9-12 For some reason, instead of offering Job the world or even pretend power over God and seeing if Job would abuse it, they chose to take away everything Job had. They could have given Job an extra-terrestrial’s life in his hand and seen what he would have done. As for riches though, he was already rich and loved and feared his Lord.

Job 2:6 was also the opposite of putting an angel or the Lord in Job’s hand; Job was very sick and would need all the help from extra-terrestials he could get, for apparently no reason (Sorry I don’t know the story well enough). Job took all the measures he could take to respect his God.

Why not give him power over his Creator and see what’s done? That’s happened before in Genesis and Abraham was that guy. This was secondary, as it should be with the logical and comprehensive ordering of I.D./the Bible.

Job 37:18 - This is an experiment on whether we are capable of fathoming something that won’t be built for thousands of years?


Job 1:6 – The old satanic last statement, “Satin is G-d”, is true in that he is one of them. In Islam, they seem to be all united.

Job 1:9-12 – Satan wants earth’s destruction, and says to see if someone who’s praised him will still do so after being deprived of wealth.

Job 2:6 – The same with health.

Job 37:18 – for knowledge of the diversity of G-d, a description of how the UFO looks is provided.


Job 1:6 - After all the ways we could escape, even after maximum control had been done, there was probably limited ability to observe everything and decide whether destruction, some destruction, no destruction, advancement, or a lot of advancement should be made. For that reason, now that humans are judged, there was pressure on extra-terrestrials to decide for themselves. This may have been a first for those extra-terrestrials, those that were around. How did they know? They didn’t. It would take infinite time to observe everything, but reading human’s minds was a good start.

Job 1:9-12 - First, they wanted to know if men loved riches more than deity. Riches= what you have.

Job 2:6 - Next, they wanted to know if men loved health more than deity. Health=who you are.

Job 37:18 - Job and Jesus were, I think, the two key figures (plus Rael) that influenced government to love us more. So Job needed a reward and the readers should be rewarded for reading through it without giving up. See the footnote and go in the back of the book! There is a heavy description of a UFO, more than ever before (as expected)!

Humans Could Not Understand

is about the infinitely small and the infinitely large. Since they’ve covered everything they can do with us except make themselves popular through Jesus Christ, the last item to cover is what they can’t expect of us. Note that in the big-bang theory there were very small sizes for very short times, which could lead to a reality of unlimited-time experience in a finite amount of time-See Genesis 1-1.


Tobit 12:19-20 – Robots are hard to understand, especially whether they eat or drink. If they are nonliving, then what happens when we build them out of biological substances?

Wisdom of Solomon 6:22 – Science and history of developing it from the beginning and showing its ends, without avoiding how it works. Humans didn’t have it - they were just told what they’d have.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:5 – So between the discoverer and the maker, the less intelligent observes/has made the extent of the object that he/she was capable of.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:1 – The observer, I assume, can survey everything and see if indeed the creator was better. It is a simple knowledge test.

Isaiah 27:1 – Even though they could be seen for their goodness in the creation of themselves and other things, the government wanted to destroy the creators for some reason. Isaiah 29:12 Fortunately, by disguising science humans were in no danger. It must have been hard because then they all wouldn’t go down to take over the humans at once.

Jeremiah 10:14 – How do you encrypt future technology in a way that people won’t understand the verses to be about science until the actual technology becomes available?

Proverbs 8:22-23,27,29-31 – how do you bring up someone popularly while telling them what they need to know to recognize intelligence and science at the right time?

Everything that was done in this book was to control human life. The science was to first measure what they could do. Even mating with humans would not allow the human-born to immediately see the technology, and the humans probably fell in love more than the extra-terrestrials.

Ecclesiastes 3:15 – The key to our religion. Time is cyclic. That space is cyclic is in the rest of the verse; all time periods have to be occurring now, and since time is infinite so is space with that fact.

Ecclesiastes 3:19

Isaiah 45:9-10 – We saw from Wisdom of Solomon 13:5 and 13:1 how to see the magnificence of creation. Now it is about confusion that comes about from anger; what makes a human question what he is to his creator when he should see magnificence?

Isaiah 40:21 Is this verse or the Raelian symbol self-explanatory? It is also a great axiom to our religion. The Raelian symbol I wear means as to big so from small in an infinite cycle of size and time.

I think that because there would be infinite space outside of it, there can be no God.

Amos 4:13 – Why is there still a level of comfort to dwelling close to man for advanced beings? Probably because it was just logical. Where should you position yourself to keep limited but engaging contact with the created, as easily as possible.

Zechariah 4:10 – radio waves run amuck, but humans probably did not know about them. Anyway there are seven receiver stations that move everywhere. What can you have with seven reception stations that run everywhere?

Psalms 139:4-6 – We have this today. Yet this is a statement that at the time of writing it was just written down as they knew it was going on, baffled as they were. What do you do with their telepathy?

Psalms 147:4-5 – What do you do with their astronomy and interstellar travel?

Psalms 147:15 – What do you do with their telecommunication?

Micah 5:2-5 – Now that the savior is recognizable, what will people do about it?

Zechariah 9:9-10 – Next up, now that they know he will have total dominion, what will people do about that?


Tobit 12:19-20 – Demonstrating the efficiencies of robots.

Wisdom of Solomon 6:22 – Demonstrating the effectiveness of science.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:5 – We can only see into creation as far as we look into creation.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:1 – Since they can only see so far, they can’t know who ultimately the creator is, assuming of course he is greater.

Isaiah 27:1 – creators were hunted by people who were in heaven.

Isaiah 29:12 – The Bible is meant to be understood later, and this is an art form.

Jeremiah 10:14 – We need science to be significant.

Proverbs 8:22-23, 27, 29-31 – Since this first thing has been shown scientific earlier in this work (Gen 1:9), it means men enjoy science with their creators.

Ecclesiastes 3:15 – The keystone of Raelism.

Isaiah 45:9-10 – respect for the way one’s parents met and had sex should be appreciated.

Isaiah 40:21 – This must be about Genesis 1:1 (foundations).

Amos 4:13 – Between man and animals and the creators, animals are irrelevant and creators have a higher place on earth since it is easier for them.

Zechariah 4:10 – Somehow seven information collectors cover the whole earth for Yahweh.

Psalms 139:4-6 – People don’t consider that if they are vocalizing things they do not expect, they might be caused.

Psalms 147:4-5 – He must have it all figured out already, so what was the point of us thinking and reasoning? Perhaps infinite does not mean in power but just knowledge satisfying the area it knows around. Then human thinking, planning, reasoning, and history making could, through correct choices, be kept up. See Genesis 1:4.

Psalms 147:15 –Another glorifying scripture. We did sacrifice to measure our heart, if he wants information sent it is virtually done.

Micah 5:2-5 – The gospels and these two verses give specifications on what to expect; Jesus would take on everything; a man for the peace will be telling later on.

Zechariah 9:9-10 - Specifying the location and saying he’ll speak peace, and interestingly here it says his dominion would be from sea to sea, (many seas). So what does that mean about Buddha? Just that Jesus would be seen as God everywhere the sun could cover.

o-After all they have done, it’s what we won’t understand that should be presented last before making themselves popular through Jesus Christ.

The first thing they couldn’t understand was a robot. Since we were created in his image, the first thing we need to think about is the ethics of creation with parts of ourselves, and whether we allow our creations pain when they can feel however much.

Wisdom of Solomon 6:22 – Why does the book go straight to science? Humans were to be aware of science, since the extra-terrestrials had been allowed to have science in there turn.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:5 - This is to explain that our understanding of who we and others are is limited by our own scientific ability.

Wisdom of Solomon 13:1 – This is saying it could be applied.

Isaiah 27:1 - Perhaps on the subject, since the creators had created greater things than themselves, although to the human beings it looked the other way with the UFO tech., they were seen as a threat, and at this point the humans could understand and would be nice if they had a chance to escape in one of the three ways mentioned (mutating, travel, and from the small).

Isaiah 29:12-This states how humans had been still held back, perhaps because of these three reasons.

Jeremiah 10:14 – So now the extra-terrestrials are looking for popularity (yes this is another way to control, and yes this has been so in this section). So we can see that they wanted to be known about in the future by their technology, and would provide a Messiah that would make popular their actions to the created.

Proverbs 8:22-23, 27, 29-31 - The thought experiment just mentioned is a good question, and the next thing to do (specifying after the previous arrow’s note.)

Ecclesiastes 3:15 - This, as my website suggests at the beginning (at least this page does), is the first and only first step towards science, and proof of visitors that can interact with us.

Isaiah 45:9-10 - After considering the life cycles of individual humans and animals, we consider the life cycles of families. If someone curses his father, he curses what he’s made of; no good can come from that, although being independent could help him have a cool career as we near the apocalypse.

Isaiah 40:21 – It is perhaps, if I’m humble enough, saying that those who came from the sky knew what he was doing with all his steps from the beginning. It would be useful to put this here. The last few verses of the old testament are all about the creators, and after that Jesus is all about making things popular (gospel=good news), so this last lemma is perfect to end everything that came earlier in the book.

Amos 4:13 - The creators wanted us to know they didn’t want to be bothered by us, for one to emphasize that we were to come up with science on our own.

Zechariah 4:10 – We needed to know they could communicate. We were not isolating them, so they didn’t need our space just like they didn’t want it.

Psalms 139:4-6 – As the book often specifies something, we learn that they could use radio waves or “telepathy” to communicate also, not needing space ships to move and interfere with human science.

Psalms 147:4-5 - Not only could they communicate on earth, but by travel they could also go from planet to planet. This has been obvious in my philosophy, but to someone reading the first time, it is a logical step to mention.

Humans couldn’t communicate like that. This reminds me they are expressing greater and greater power.

Micah 5:2-5 - Nothing left, time for the popularizing of extra-terrestrials to come aboard and end this until modern time.

Zechariah 9:9-10 – They tell that he will be all powerful; I guess they wanted him to be looked up to.

The Conception

. The Holy Ghost is interesting because it is related to Spirit of G-d and Glory of G-d but those are UFOs, yet we are told the Holy Ghost has no body. Perhaps the Holy Ghost is a UFO that takes over a larger being. She could have been made pregnant by one, and Jesus could have been destined to confront the larger being. The Holy Spirit is a small one taking over us. The Holy Ghost is what allows us to take over a bigger being.


Matthew 1:18 – Why was the Messiah to have a human side?

Matthew 1:20 – How would people take the Messiah having a God side?

Note: When you’re Raelian, sometimes it’s like you can’t win because every side you’re supposed to support is against you. But this shouldn’t stop you, because it gives you all the more missionary work.

Matthew 2:2 and 9 - Describing an extra-terrestrial ship as a star is symbolic of the desire to let humans travel stars. Jesus would arrive in a cloud from the east, according to the Doctrine & Covenants and the movie “Son of God,” which came out early in 2014). What would you worship from a baby Messiah?

Matthew 2:13 – How do you know the dream is authentic?

Matthew 2:19-20 – Same question, this time returning him into possible danger.


Matthew 1:18 – We are talking about something with no body that fills the Universe and proves things true. We can’t disprove it, and I contend that we can never really know something unless forced. But it sure did its job showing Jesus had a different kind of father, in popularity and in explaining things even now.

Matthew 1:20 – Fortunately, humans can handle things in emergencies.

Matthew 2:2 and 9 – Stars replace clouds as UFOs because Jesus will talk about interstellar travel.

Matthew 2:13 – Talk about abortion! Jesus is carried to safety, and one of the first lessons is to trust the Lord, indeed the first lesson he would teach to get popularity.

Matthew 2:19-20 – Naturally, this shows things we don’t trust can change back.


Matthew 1:18 – So that human and extra-terrestrials could both measure it for their own trust.

Matthew 1:20 – He had to have a “God” side to represent the race. He would try to make it as popular as he can.

Matthew 2:2 and 9 -Then the first popular message should be presented right away. It was a star, and this represented that we could do interstellar travel! We are still waiting, but it is very important that we pursue it for our safety. Ask Stephen Hawking.

Matthew 2:13 - This showed that some people would hate him.

Matthew 2:19-20 - This showed that some people would like him.

The Initiation

So Jesus stepped up to the plate and said he would represent humanity and be aggressive for us in a very strong way. His fast temptation showed are human sides are worthy conquer what was sin.


Matthew 3:16-17 and 4:1 – How effective is an authentic UFO sighting (paintings and all), when there are other reports? Comment: To make it a fair test, the father would probably have to introduce him before the stuff he would do. Why was he pleased then? The temptations were the real atonement if you ask me. Jesus’ human side was brought out through fasting; then Satan tested him with everything, even with everything. He passed, so humans could be trusted with everything! How do you test a person like that the way you do? Actually recently I’ve believed the atonement was in Gethsemane, but I still hold this fasting and testing to be very important.

Matthew 4:24 - How did he heal sick people. Well, in 1973 we knew how to heal most people, so we can believe that they knew how to heal everything.

Matthew 5:3 - I can’t tell how many times I’ve been treated harshly and lived it; it must help me – thank you.

Matthew 6:10 - here is what looks like a correction, but actually alien beings could probably handle lots of earths. We’ll have to see if they broke right here and wanted humans to control the world, or if they always did. It could bust up my book here. What can you do when heaven rules, even when you space travel?

Matthew 7:28-29 – How effective is teaching that actually teaches, and how do you find it? If Jesus got it from his parent, how did his parent?

Matthew 8:2-3 - It first says there are concentrated beams. Concentrated beams can cure problems above the skin, like leprocy. Then illnesses inside had to be taken care of by groups of rays adding together at the sick site.

Matthew 9:6-8 – Then Jesus does complicated things to restore health. How well could complicated surgery be appreciated and not mystified, given the need for it to be popular and philanthropic?

Matthew 9:13 – How can you tell how to reach the people who make mistakes? Lots of people spend lots of time practicing talking to do this.

Matthew 10:32 – If a person accepts Jesus as the Messiah, despite making mistakes, he is doing his best to make up for his mistakes in that regard, so Jesus will admit to his father that he is following the father through him.


Matthew 3:16-17 and 4:1 –Jesus accepted the challenge of being the one responsible for all our lives. Since Satan was the primary enemy to this, he got tempted.

Matthew 4:24 – Having won the temptations, he was worthy and showed that we can be worthy to handle life (his human side was hungry so that side faced the temptations)

Matthew 5:3 – Since no matter how poor we get, we often have things that are sitting on the sidelines to get it back, poor people can be very happy.

Matthew 6:10 – It’s “God’s” kingdom, even if we do get to go to other stars.

Matthew 7:28-29 – Jesus got language skills from his “divine” side.

Matthew 8:2-3 – In the first healing example, skin could have been burned by lasers intersecting from a hidden nearby “star.”

Matthew 9:6-8 – likewise with stem cells we can repair organs like bones.

Matthew 9:13 –His purpose was a popular one, not a one to the rare people who knew the truth.

Matthew 10:32 – Believing in him is the second goal after trust.


Matthew 3:16-17 - OK, first Jesus had to be baptized, and the addition of a UFO showed that it was important. The game was on. It was him and there was no switching to another. It was all or nothing for him. You get the gravity of the situation.

Matthew 4:1 - Then there were tests of the devil. The fasting took 40 days and 40 nights so his human side was definitely acute. Then I’ll just say Satan threw the book at him. He offered everything he could to get jesus to falter and failed. Then the devil couldn’t do anything to Jesus and if Jesus could do it why couldn’t we? Hence I’ve thought, since Satan failed here completely, that this was the atonement to always trust humans, despite their chance of mutation, galactic stream travel, and development from the small.

Matthew 4:24 - What a great advertising gimmick. We learned from Job in reverse that aliens could take away what we are (health) and what we have (wealth). By showing that he and hence we could restore health, that would make him most popular.

Matthew 5:3 - As just mentioned, wealth comes next, but instead of curing the poor with wealth, he cures them with something better, the ability to withstand poverty with a good attitude.

Matthew 6:10 - They are given a prayer that everything the extraterrestrials do on earth and in heaven is fine. This is an appropriate prayer. We know that for all the control of our creator, he still treats humanity decently.

Actually the torch has been taken up, it’s just deciding vs. power at an uneven keel.

The torch being taken up just means we will be scientific again. It means that because of said uneven keel, sooner or later we will be in charge.

Matthew 7:28-29 - If we’re going to try to take over, we must be baptized also. This means that if we take over planets for generations, there may be payback. There’s no going back. Either recommit to the Lord’s prayer or commit to escape.

Matthew 8:2-3 - We see the curing of a sickness just for asking for it, suggesting just like with the “baptism” just mentioned if we ask for something we get it. This is interesting because how many mentally ill people (like me) would be cured if it meant they couldn’t collect for disability. I like to think I would. Think of the 10 lepers though and only one that thanked Jesus. It’s interesting.

Matthew 9:6-8 - A complicated cure could then be done.

Matthew 9:13 - Jesus explained that those who liked him didn’t need help but those who didn’t. I’m not saying he said this directly, but through careful skill with the tongue.

Matthew 10:32 - It follows, except this time with rewards of heaven, but instead of heaven he says they will be recognized before Yahweh like he is.

Do you set up a salvation system for popularity or to get people to work on things they need to? How to balance?

Before my father who art in heaven? Heaven must be a place. Infinitely varied things can’t cooperate, but with infinity any immensity imaginable is real.

Love is all important Behind truth, because it is more important to recognize first., because that is what we lack to get scientifically ahead of the other two planets.

Good news is we will mutate out… there is always a chance and an integral allows it.

Given that humanity here was about as ancient as can be, with all the knowledge it could have about symbolically how things work, it was plenty of time to provide scientific evidence of proof of our ancestor-creators.

Thus the things we read in, “The Role of Christ” should make sense according to modern (say 1973) science as well as serve to alter false conceptions.

The child was a breed. It might not like it except that it was meant to help. It could understand science, but love humanity. At any rate this is it; just pass some time after this and then the decision gets to be made through Raelian guides, raelians, and others.

The Holy Ghost could be the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of God, or a minor UFO, or the nonbodily omnipresent truth revealer (which I think can’t be proved either way; I don’t believe in truth-knowing). This is in coordination with the pictures in Intelligent Design.

After the devil’s temptations, Jesus was allowed to finish his mission. Nothing would stand in the way anymore. He just had to look up to it and do it.

Parallel Humanities

– Knowing there are competing humanities galvanizes our goal. We need love to survive and want technology to not be behind with them.

Matt 13:3-9 – First a creation account is given, one that we can eventually test if we are to engage in star travel. How was this verse able to hide things and show them in the future?

Matt 13:12 – Things that “have not” can be overcome. How do you test whether you’re getting more?

Matt 13:11 – What can we do with the mysteries of Heaven?Matthew 13-32 unfortunately the math is incorrect.

Matt 13:33 – An emphasis on us. What do we do about the fact that there are two planets of humans around us?

Matt 13:35 – How do you test whether something was a secret?

Matt 13:49 – We need to focus on science and intelligence as much as possible. This is a life or death situation and not a question, isn’t it?

Matt 13:3-9 – Descriptions of planetary colonization.

Matt 13:12 – Description of the need to attain.

Matt 13:11 – Some knew about Matt 13:3-9. An explanation of how creating human planets was both plural and not always perfect.

Matt 13:33 – Once again there are three worlds in competition, and this shows the immediacy of the situation.

Matt 13:35 – The creators planned all this out from the start (see o).

Matt 13:49 – Influencing people to be righteous is apparently the fourth popularity step.

Matt 13:3-9 - Jesus is fleshing out a creation story with multiple creations of planets. It is an enhancement of the last section where we were told we could travel. It is anteing up on what I called a baptism, meaning committing to responsibility for taking over planets and suffering if we get caught harming them and they get back in control.

Matt 13:12 - If you have the key you can increase, but if not you certainly can lose. It ties into the last verse, as if saying, “Are you sure you want to copy this planet?”

Matt 13:11 - Then, as if to make matters worse, they are told that they are already in this competition, with two other human planets.

Matt 13:33 - This is a reminder that we can hide our technology.

Matt 13:35 - And this says secrets may be revealed.

Matt 13:49 - This is a declaration of war at the end, since we can’t be on an even keel with the extra-terrestrials. Either we’ll weaken and they’ll take over, or we’ll strengthen and those who are wicked will get overcome but the just would make it out.

Scientific Miracles

– These were to keep him popular so that the time came for us to expand to more stars, he could become as popular as possible. There is an explanation of how some of this technology is coming about.


Matthew 14:25 – Why would you walk upon the sea, apart from terror and control? (the sea was boisterous?)

Matthew 14:30 -32 - We already know there can be an anti-gravity beam, but how do we know it creates turbulence? The anti-gravity beam described before in Exodus had wind.

Because of varying water pressure, more with more depth, there is turbulence, and the water spreads out more at the top, causing water to surge upward and balance a person on the water.

Why would you not allow Peter to walk upon the sea, apart from terror and control?

Matthew 17:1-5 – What can you do with immortality? Especially when you still have the problem from Ezekiel that they might be contaminated with other life? Genesis 1:26 was about what to create, this is about how to manage mass resurrection, I guess.

Matthew 19:30 – the ultimate promise, that we could be happy spreading ourselves like our creators had, is the ultimate way they could control us for information, and the happiest thing for ourselves at the same time.


Matthew 14:25 – anti-gravity or repulsion rays have been covered.

Matthew 14:30-32 – Making Peter sink was a crafty way to hide the extra-terrestrial supremacy subliminally.

Matthew 17:1-5 – This is a big display.

Matthew 19:30 – Eventually, probability dictates we will be first, but either way it is good for the creators to be popular.


Matthew 14:25 - Now they are going to emphasize proof of themselves and their skill one last time now that they have laid out everything.

Matthew 14:30-32 - They were showing that if things got around to it, they wouldn’t share their science if we were against them.

Matthew 17:1-5 - A repulsion beam, which might even be able to move suns, is the first key to understanding our existence, as then we’d be more likely to exist since more planets could be moved into space that can be colonized. Then immortality is mentioned. Birth and death dude.

Matthew 19:30 - Birth and death and sex.

Deserving the Inheritance

It is simply a matter of genius and helping it, plus love.


Matt 25:14-29: We are in competition of whether we’re killing or not and there is such a thing as convenience. A talent is like a real skill; if there’s a talent it will appreciate, and if not it will get less. See Matt 13:12.

Matt 26:52-54: It is necessary that humans not kill each other because if the creators were to kill amongst themselves they would be weakened where they killed. Whosoever cannibalizes gets cannibalized. Also, the creators had to show that they would kill one of their own to the humans, showing it would be done under the right circumstances, showing they would give us ability and control; how else could they have showed it?

Matt 28:2-3 He was brought back to life after 3 days wherein at the time nobody could have done it, thus pointing towards the creators.

Matthew 28:19-20 To preach is obvious. The first thing Rael does with the Maitreya is tell people to love, starting at the widest way and narrowing down. In the same way, preaching is the way to spread the message to as many as possible and it deserves to be told here, right where we feel unburdened.

Mark 16:19 – Since his human half won the atonement against Satan as mentioned earlier (in the temptations) and I guess Gethsemane, this tells us we can go to Heaven.

Mark 16:18 has self-explanatory notes. Another exciting fact is that we’ll know when the time comes for all this to happen, now. Regards surgery. Surgery with blessings, then surgeons, then robots (the laying on of hands).

Luke 21:29-30: Signs from the sky are the ultimate proof. Solid is easier to do things on, then liquid, then gas and plasma like the sun. More unusual events will keep us on our toes and that is how everyone will ultimately know Rael’s message is true.


Matt 25:14-29 – We are lab animals to create science for our creators or lack.

Matt 26:52-54 – Dangers of fighting. We already know they look down on fighting.

Matt 28:2-3 – Jesus defied death to the people.

28:19-20 – Now that popularity was complete, advertising it was the next step.

Mark 16:19 – Then Jesus goes into heaven for the final act.

Mark 16:18 – Christians can know when a return is about to occur by healing technology (gradually replacing blessings). The final resurrection verse.

Luke 21:29-30 – The final announcement is when this will happen. The final UFO/extra-terrestrial showing verse.

o-Matt 25:14-29 and Matt 26:52-54 - First, I mentioned you don’t go for the inheritance unless you know you have talents or wealth (wealth being things you have like technology). Cannibalizing is an obvious no no, and is related to being on an even keel.

Matt 28:2-3, 28:19-20 - It is good to involve as many people as possible.

Mark 16:19 - We can also go to heaven for cooperation if we don’t want to be so wild. Jesus did.

Mark 16:18 - This shows signs of technology when we can even understand what all of them mean.

Luke 21:29-30 - This is the last sign to seal Genesis – the four gospels.