"The Best Video Game Ever Made inspires problem-focused creativity. This glimpse into Eric's mind is brimming with innovative thinking. The world would benefit from approaching its greatest challenges from entirely fresh angles. Eric has a path breaking ability to convert imagination into solutions. The Best Video Game Ever Made improved my problem solving skills and I enjoyed reading it."

- Ryan Eliason, 9th level actuary

“I read the parts of the book you asked me to.  I think it’s really cool you’ve written a book about something you’re  passionate about.  I want to do that myself someday.

I think the early chapter about the relationship between God and the universe is interesting.  I enjoy video games that put players in a God-like position like you describe.

It was interesting reading about the relationships between groups of people in the later chapter I read.  I think what you describe is a lot like Game Theory where groups have to decide how to deal with other groups without having complete information on the other group.  I like that you advocate cooperation over extermination or enslavement.”

-          Brent Eliason, information lookup for CEOs and congressmen

“Shows potential.” “A bargain.”

-          Riki Sauqey, psychologist and my editor

From what I've read so far, I really like your tone. Its light (fun), informative, and welcoming. Nice job.”

-          Floid Gilbert, Software Engineer

5 stars on Amazon.