Welcome to the back door. We will look at the following two paragraphs, the start of the alien's story in the Genesis section on its third paragraph.

A long time ago on our distant planet, we had reached a level of technical and scientific knowledge, comparable to that which you will soon reach. Our scientists had started to create primitive, embryonic forms of life, namely living cells in test tubes. Everyone was thrilled by this.

The scientists perfected their techniques and began creating bizarre little animals but the government, under pressure from public opinion, ordered the scientists to stop their experiments for fear they would create monsters, which would become dangerous to society. In fact, one of their animals had broken loose and killed several people.

“A very long time ago” – by the shape of an object we can often predict its velocity, with the exception of very symmetric objects and very anti-symmetric objects (I.e a wheel or cloud).  For instance, if a person has one foot on the ground and is not maintaining center of gravity, it is a sign they are moving.

One thing’s for sure, planets come and go.  Making interplanetary travel after many years seems to be “a very long time ago.”

“Technical” before “scientific” – we are taught in Raelism that science fields will all be known soon; we can see technicians are more important – get with it technicians. Also, consciousnesses that were too basic would be technical before the scientific ones could come along and survive and spread better.

“comparable to what we may soon reach” – judging by the fact that they can take a month and we take so long, it was comparable in understanding of science, but actually far away.

“primitive” – like in Calculus, can trace back some things.  The first dictionary definition of the word primitive is not derived; original, primary.  In other words they looked for objects that could be the precursors and not causes of many things.

“Scientists” – If they are somewhat on the latter half of development of consciousness, "detect, detect the use of something, and create."

the life described at this point would be too hard for a conscious being that couldn't create all the tools.

“embryonic” – The first definition is a human or animal in the early stages of development before it is born, hatched, etc… Once these had become bizarre little animals, it could be soon that the more primitive and then the more powerful the embryonic stages of life the more “limitness” creation could be.  If we look at definition 3a in m-w.com, “something as yet undeveloped” means with the phrase, “as yet,” that it can develop with no limit in the future!

“forms of life” – meaning they don’t have to actually be human beings; can be text, computer programs etc… For example the Meru Foundation has excellent demonstration of first principles of the Universe coming geometrically straight out of the Torah.

“namely” – meaning most of the time.

“living cells” – any level of life can be a cell; living means reproducing, consuming, surviving, growing, etc…

“test tubes” – these can be wires and scientific tests.  They can be test tubes that actually got mixed.  They can be put in machines.

We can disprove quantum physics (the part that particles interact immediately over a small time, by looking at a NAND gate, the double slit experiment, the planck constant and minimum measurement, and bell’s theorem.  There is no quantum entanglement, wave-particle duality, quantization, and uncertainty!  It is all a particle.

“Thrilled” – if they’re nonconscious they should be high all the time, but “thrilled by this” might mean they are high because of it.  It is dangerous and exciting at the same time.  Perhaps their nervousness was fun to strike when they had so little danger. 'Thrilled' should demonstrate the appropriate level of consciousness that they had.

“The scientists” – It is not necessarily the same scientists, so this is ambiguous.

“began” – once again there is no time, so this must be evident in our current time.  Like we know from other parts of this website like the summary combined with the book of Genesis verses inside, there are aliens who naturally wanted some being better but after they created us they had to put us in a dormant state!   These two paragraphs are just evidence of this that can be seen at this instant.

“perfected” – Now we see once again (“Technical… 4th sentence from the top here), that technology lets you get further than science.

“techniques” - … technique in fact following from the word technical.

“bizarre” means, primarily, strikingly out of the ordinary,  which a primitive embryonic being ought to look because it was so powerful.  This continuation of our primitive and embryonic life could potentially organize the heavens before they organized the earth, leading to a correct transformation in Genesis 1:1, but why would they do it if it was dangerous?  We know from these books that if you are to create an animal/robot ahead of you, you must not let it reproduce.  (Don’t forget Jurassic Park).

“little” – all I know about this is that when we were created we had less gravity on our planet so we could have a bigger brain.  Instead of making smaller parts I think they made more versatile parts, like the so-called “microtubules with quantum fluctuations”. Find this article from 2014.   It could mean we had a huge increase in capacity.  Now if these animals are little they have less of a brain, but are more embryonic.  Who’s controlling whom?  Extra-terrestrials may have an addiction for controlling greater things to enjoy life (it’s part of sensual meditation for us humans), and so it may have been apparent that that’s where they were going – perhaps a manufactured “slippery slope” as it seems.

“animals” – How do animals work?  Perhaps everything gets full of “bubbles” so small, and the animal sends objects into it to detect it or ingests signals and things from it.  (please see summary page on What is reality? – needs elaboration.  Here is elaboration.

If you have a living circle there must be a record of it in every subparticle, so we take a circle in a circle, push the outer circle out of the inner circle, and a new circle in the middle ad infinum.  If there are three circles in your circle, each one copies the pattern and has four further circles inside that copy the pattern.  When inside a tree, each particle doesn’t fill up with the tree because the tree doesn’t “fit” and because particles also need to survive each other and survive to exist.  You can create a tube moving up as close as can be for its size that’s reasonable next to the tree, and covering space among its branches, all of which shows the current shape. It's similar to blood but outside. Things like cells and DNA can also circle around, and their particles contain both the tree and them.

“Government” – Why need a government for such an advanced society?  Perhaps it was just participatory.

“pressure” – that shows they didn’t have a dogmatic government that all blindly followed.  The people had pressure, even without threating life I bet too.

“Public opinion” – They had geniocracy.  However a leader should be stopped if they endanger everyone, so the eternals would not want to give up their lives.

“ordered” – put in order according to compliance is stronger.

“stop their experiments” – how devastating.

‘for fear” – the nonconscious word would be “spooked” perhaps.

“create monsters” – They come from something not yet developed that came from the simplest of things which have the ability to keep going.

“dangerous” – they don’t kill anyone because they evolved to be peaceful and just controlling.  Killing only limits reproduction; copying oneself increases likelihood of being detected, even if the first word is “A” meaning any.

“society” – that could mean up to all people.

“In fact” – yes, this is already proven.

“one” – if one human broke loose and killed all the extraterrestrials, that is a thought the creators must constantly guard again, even though probability says that if we aren’t iliminated ever we will some day do that.

“broken loose” – this is to an animal escaping,  breaking the system whereby people are loose to go where they want , or broken systems coming loose.  It is interesting to note that the creators do not need to worry about where they go and can survive in peace.  Wouldn’t that be great on earth?

“killed” – perhaps they have no heaven or hell.  How lucky are we?  How much fun do they want to have with us.

“several” – this was likely enough to indicate the start of legitimate danger since they had a good government.

“people” – they are people like us, despite difference in space and time.


This is an illustration for how I would go about developing my religion with Intelligent Design.

In the beginning those who came from the sky created the heaven and the earth.

“Those who came from the sky created the heavens to be as in the beginning and then the earth.” – beautiful.