Again from my book “Flatland Turned on Out” by Eric Eliason.

As stated, the 0th dimension cannot be empty because then it doesn’t exist and cannot be full because then it is not made from something.  Switching back and forth between states with a formula is isomorphic to other dimensions in the “Defined Class.”

Gravity can be shown from scratch in my book.  If there are two objects in 1-D or 2-D and one walks randomly it finds the other one.  The equation of gravity can quickly be developed and without time, even in n dimensions we can solve for at least 4 bodies gravitationally.

Electromagnetism also works out.

The other forces are related.

Chemistry in 1-D starts with the simplest orbital, a 1-D sphere.  This is an object passing by another object, the simplest of thoughts.  Thoughts are made from subsets of the instantaneous soup considering itself.  We can get biology and psychology directly from considering these kinds of thoughts with big objects.