Kenneth Jenkin’s genius:


The earth moves helically like a DNA strand.  That DNA is “God.”  He can be reached at


What I think of this theory:  It was very interesting to formalize it, which I did as follows:

The earth is a long set of proteins obtained by a long DNA helix, where one new letter was created in each new earth position.  Because of chemical trails and inner-intersecting codes, smaller earths come about all over the place.  It becomes a fractal and explains why our earth has variety everywhere.

For example from the Book of Enoch, the four letters might make:
1) Mountains and Hills

2) Rivers and Streams

3) Trees and forests

4) Luminaries (i.e. the sun but not the moon, and a candle).

If proteins as big as the earth encounter it, or a single DNA-reading protein-thing, and if they can follow the letters out, they can make other planets out of the fractals.  So we have one way of creating and earth and one way that rarely but sometimes can copy it.  The fractal behavior of earth is because of a tiny piece inside which might be its brain and any copy is from a larger brain then the earth.  Stuff from letters still continue to grow as the earth moves on to the next letters.

There is no need for mutations or splitting so no evolution!

Some things can be composed of other things. L=lmr. M=mrm. R=rlr. T=mrl.  As for a tree, there has to be one of the four that is living.  In cells, something similar to the matrix may occur, where the output gets tampered with.

As something gets created, the center of creation either moves toward where it is going or stays back depending on its exact location.

Seeing an animal or human is challenging but seems reasonable; but if you look out your window and think hard it makes sense.

As far as chemistry goes, de-excited electrons produce light, orbitals are mountains, rivers are atomic paths (all orbitals are based around possible orbits), and trees are information within the atom to communicate.

A musical score of such, with four colors of notes for each type, might be made. Notes in a single note might be of different heights to represent different speeds of two things coming at the same time and there are other analogies.

I don't know how the music reader/stuff former can be made, but this is worth preserving and testing later!