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Surprise!  My book is so far out on Amazon Kindle (where it can be sampled), nook, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, maybe Copia, Gardners by ISBN (978-1-4835821-9-1), Scribd, Goodreads from amazon maybe and Ciando

It is called "the best video game ever made" by Eric Eliason and is available for $5.99.  Endorsements as a web site and a word file.

If you want to read the missing chapter on Aliens, here is a web site and here is a word file.

This book is about a game that is all about consciousness and the philosophies of science. The game displaying consciousness can give pleasure, as can the player becoming conscious of what they are doing in the game. Since the main objectives in video games are always to be conscious, and the most scientific video game would be about the fundamental pieces of our universe (including people), we will play as though any of them have or need to get some form of consciousness. This understanding motivates right behavior as it is complete and appropriate.  There will always be two pieces that have to vie with one another, playing dead, fighting for their lives, or many other things.

The gamer can explore science in simple, straight-forward, common-sense ways. Effort is made to show philosophies over science. In other words understanding how physics works goes in front of being technically correct or complete about everything. Things that aren’t intuitive are eliminated and simple explanations that work are added. At the time of writing the only thing I couldn’t make sense of was quantum entanglement.

Rendered consciousness is an act of the gamer or is automated by him/her/it. Conquering, even going all the way from a cell to a human to a planet to a galaxy, can occur. Properties of nature come in for the gamer to deal with, and intelligence of the gamer can reveal intelligence in the game to deal with them. I should mention however, that despite what I say about consciousness this game or philosophy requires nothing be alive.

I want neither religious mysticism nor scientific mysticism. The physical structure of thought can be shown and explained.

A player can either look at a “snapshot” of the Universe and describe it, or pass through time with the various pieces.

This book contains 7 sentences about Raelism which is fine in the context. The book is rated E; Raelism is for 15-year olds.


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