Well, it’s safe to say that my book, “Flatland Turned on Out” by Eric Eliason is published.  By the title I mean that “Flat Earth” theorists are overcome with things that make sense and that the 0th, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions can become fully conscious.

First, it has been asked how something can come from nothing.  If there is an empty point it doesn’t exist.  If there is a full point it has no constintuency.  Therefore in infinitesimal time (in my next post I will explore why there is no time) we can oscillate back and forth in a non-random, non-repeating way.

One way to do this is gray-code after a decimal.  This will start at 0 and cover every rational number until after infinity points we get 1. 1/x will cover those numbers bigger than 1 and 1/0 can be filled in with 1.

Then, the 0th dimensions pulsating experience is isomorphic to dimensions of space.  They are equivalent so you can have points.  Since gray-coding was only one example, we can have any function define the points and therefore we get to “The Defined Class.” However randomness and non-coverage are problems.

Real numbers have the same problem as always, that their extended digits might not be known, but “The Defined Class” allows you to find all the numbers that can be defined one digit at a time.