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Book 2


This is Epicurus c. 307 BCE.  I found my book and me to be very Epicurean after releasing it.

This is my new book "Flatland Turned on Out." by Eric Eliason, released 9/11/2017 to Amazon Kindle, nook, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, maybe Copia, Gardners by ISBN (978-1-5439128-0-7), Scribd (where it can be sampled), Goodreads from amazon maybe and Ciando! It is $5.99.

This is a book about math and physics and how biology and psychology come directly from them. It seeks to understand concepts in simple and direct terms, without mysticism and explain them in both mathematically rigorous and layman’s terms.

In physics we will cover Newtonian Mechanics, Gravitational Waves, Special Relativity, Electromagnetism, Orbitals, Quantum Mechanics, Multiverses, the Calabi-Yau manifold as a template for the brain and we will also cover Topology.

Additionally we will cover the direct applications to Biology and Psychology using cells not made of atoms. We will start with simple cells that do simple things and later look at cells that do math and programming and have brains and sensory organs. We will show that these cells and their thoughts come straight out of Physics which comes straight out of Topology. We do this to understand nature better, motivating right behavior.

These things will be done in all of the first 3 dimensions and strangely enough we will have as a rule that time is an illusion; however that simplification will help us understand a great deal better.

Flatland is a novel by Edwin A. Abbott in 1884. A lot has happened since then. We can safely talk about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions with autonomy because almost all of our content here is original to this book. The movie looks promising but again this is new content.

MAGNETS:  On your honor, for those who bought my book, wouldn't buy it otherwise, are scientifically evaluating my book and those who have special permission, here is clarification on magnets: Word , HTM

Here are four teasers:

0th dimension in word and html
No time in word and html
Thoughts - What are they in word and html
Relationships among math and sciences in word and html


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